12 Days of Christmas ~ Anime Style!
A Deleted Scene from Knights of Sidonia
An American Holiday: A Negima Fanfic
Death Battle Part 1: Lina Inverse
Death Battle Part 2: Misaka Mikoto
Death Battle: Misaka Mikoto vs. Lina Inverse
Epic Rap Battles: Butlers and Maids Battle Royal
Epic Rap Battles: Haruka Haruhara vs. Johannes Krauser II
Epic Rap Battles: Kamina vs. Zetsubou-Sensei
Epic Rap Battles: Kanade Tachibana vs. Rei Ayanami
Let It Go: The Elfen Lied Version
My First Ever Fanfic
My Second Ever Fanfic
My Roleplay Work as Kino and Hermes
The God of Your World
The Last Ride: A Strike Witches Fanfic
The Tender Trap: A Gotham City Fanfic
The Superman that Didn’t Blow

Guest Content

A Rebuttal to my Steins;Gate Review
Adventures in Perler Beads
Christmas 2006 (7? 8? 9?…2012)
DBZ: A Goku Character Analysis
My Interview with Jennifer Paetsch
My Interview with Michael Joy
Responses to The Tender Trap
Would Kira’s Plan Work in Real Life?

Inconvenient Questions

Big Hero 6
FMA Brotherhood: The Sacred Star of Milos
MLP: Equestria Girls!
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
RWBY volume 1(part 1)
RWBY volume 1(part 2)
Vampire Hunter D


Pokemon Tag
2013 in Anime
My Top 50 Favorite Anime
50 Signs You Watch Too Much Red vs Blue
A Negima Retrospective
My Top Ten Favorite Negima Characters
My Top Ten Favorite Anime Dubs
My Top Ten Favorite Anime Siblings
My Top Ten Favorite Anime Characters
My Top Ten Least Favorite Anime Characters
My Top Ten Favorite Posts from 2015
The Top Ten Best Episodes of Teen Titans
The Top Ten Worst Episodes of Teen Titans
The Top Ten Things Brotherhood Did Better
The Top Ten Worst Anime Romances
The Ultimate Anime Trivia Game part 1
The Ultimate Anime Trivia Game part 2
The Ultimate Anime Trivia Game part 3
The Ultimate Anime Trivia Game 2: part 1
The Ultimate Pokemon Trivia Game
My Thoughts on the 2014 Summer Anime Season


3 Years of Cosplay Photos
My Photos from Epcot Japan
Astrid and Other Love Interests
FMA ‘03 vs.FMA Brotherhood: Deeper Themes
Gankutsuou vs. The Count of Monte Cristo: 25 Big Changes
Is Zannen Nagara Chigaimas a Worse Love Story Than Twilight?
Let’s Play Cliche Anime Bingo!
Looking Back at 2015
My Experience at Tora-Con 2014!
My First Impression of Fairy Tail
My Video Review of Blood C
Perspective, The Grapist, and You
Pokemon Conclave Retrospective: Part 1
RWBY Revisited
Should Western Cartoons be Called Anime?
Some Thoughts on Chobits
The Mikuru Asahina Paradox
The Plot Holes in Angel Beats!
This is How I Would Fix Clannad Afterstory
Was Tokyo Godfathers Really All a Coincidence? and Anime
What’s the Best Zombie Anime?
Who Did Negi Springfield Pick?


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