My Top 25 Favorite Anime Series!

Hey guys, it’s Naru here, and since I’ve been having a blast since coming back from hiatus, I’ve decided to cap off my June content by doing something I’ve always kind of wanted to do in the back of my mind, but never felt that I was up to the task of doing, and that’s giving you a list of my favorite anime of all time.  Keep in mind, this list is entirely subjective, these are the anime I enjoy, based on the level at which I enjoy them.  That doesn’t necessarily make them good shows, and I honestly wouldn’t recommend all of them, so brace yourself for a couple of embarrassing picks.

Also, I won’t be including movies, any series that’s incomplete, or anything with less than ten episodes to it’s name.  I’ve reviewed at least half of them(I think, too lazy to do the math), so I’ll try  to keep my reasoning brief for each entry, and I think the appropriate length would be about a paragraph each.  If there’s any you’d like to hear more of my thoughts on, then you can go to my browse page to look up the review, or if there’s no review, you can just ask me directly in the comments.

BTW, I used a meme generator to make the images I’m using, so there’s going to be an IMGflip watermark on each one, which I hope won’t get me in trouble.

First, some honorable mentions:
A Certain Scientific Railgun
From the New World
The Devil is a Part-Timer
Ouran Highschool Host Club

And now, onto the countdown!

25: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Kicking off this list is the latest addition to it, and an anime that I actually watched very recently. I didn’t really know what to expect from it, as I’m not really big on watching seasonal anime, and this is one of the few series that I wound up checking out due to all the word of mouth surrounding it. I expected wacky, stupid nonsense, but I was honestly surprised by how relatable Miss Kobayashi is, how lovable Tohru is, and just how darn cute Kanna is. but most of all, I couldn’t believe how smart and clever the writing is. If I had to find a nit worth picking, it would be that I’m not the biggest fan of sexually aggressive characters who won’t take no for an answer, and while Tohru’s crush on Kobayashi is mostly harmless(outside of the OVA), there was a sequence of scenes involving a little boy(who’s literally named Shota) that gets under my skin, but it was thankfully brief, so that I could enjoy more hilarious hijinks with my dead-fish-eyes waifu and her cavalcade of crazy roommates.


24: Welcome to the NHK

I really need to watch this show again. It’s been years, but everything I love about it still sticks in my memory with a vengeance. At first glance, this probably wouldn’t appeal to most people, especially in Western society… It’s a story about a college dropout in his twenties who rarely ever leaves the apartment his parents are paying for, is terrified of social interactions, and believes the NHK… Japan’s local TV service… Is unrolling a vast conspiracy against him and those of his kind. He’s also a complete sleazeball who’s plagued by toxic thoughts about others and himself, and just when you thought there was no hope for someone like him, his life is turned upside down when a mysterious teenage girl approaches him out of nowhere and attempts to rehabilitate him. What unfolds through her project is one of the most honest and unflinching shows about damaged people and social anxiety that I’ve ever seen, offering both hope and utter bleakness in a character driven story so complex that I feel it’s a crime to see it slip into obscurity with time the way it has. I really do need to watch it again, and while I’m on the subject, you should watch it too.


23: Mysterious Girlfriend X

I’ve often said that, with good enough writing, there’s no concept that can’t work in a story. This is especially true in the medium of anime, because there are some substantially weird concepts floating around in Japan, and animation can sometimes be the only way to explore them. One of the best examples of this is Mysterious Girlfriend X, a show about two high school love birds who were brought together by the strangest of circumstances, which I’m not going to reveal here, but trust me, when you see it for yourself, you’re apt to do a spit-take over it. But honestly, if the weirdness was all it had going for it, I probably wouldn’t love it as much as I do. In the midst of all this bizarreness is a surprisingly sweet, surprisingly tender romance between two individuals who are taunted by their hormones, but awkwardly unsure of how to take the next step. And I mean any step, as things like holding hands and touching each other come as major steps forward, but I’m pretty sure they don’t even kiss by the end of the series. I came for the gimmick, but I stayed for the characters and the story, and that salivaver needed.


22: Kino’s Journey

This is a weird one, as it’s a really difficult series to describe to people. It’s about a girl… Boy? Well, somewhat gender-neutral character riding from country to country on the back of a telepathic sentient motorcycle, and each of those countries… Well… I guess I could boil it down to them each having their own gimmick, but that would be seriously underselling it. Some of the situations that our hero comes across on his/her journey are nothing short of profound. They all have something to say, normally about humanity or society, but none of it is ever preachy. It asks you questions that you’d never consider important otherwise, and yet they still have the power to keep you up at night. As gently paced as it may be, and as beautiful as it can be, this is not a comfortable series, nor does it want to be. An old friend of mine once referred to it as a ‘rabbit hole’ anime, and while I don’t think that’s entirely accurate, I do get what he meant by it… This is a show that gets weird, and it sticks in your memory for all the right reasons.


21: Strike Witches

And with that, we go from profound ruminations on the human condition to a bunch of half-naked teenage girls with jet engines on their legs. I’m not going to make up excuses for this one, Strike Witches is pure cheesecake for me. It’s probably my biggest guilty pleasure in the medium, and although I do have some serious gripes with it, I still enjoy watching it. It’s true that the fanservice can get way out of control… Through some strange coincidence, each season jumps the shark into cringeworthy territory in it’s seventh episode, to say the least… But the animation is top notch, the characters are almost all awesome, the action is exciting, the English dub is superb, and it inspired what I still consider to be my best fanfiction ever. I’ve been hesitant to review it for the longest time, mostly because I can’t think of a good way to justify some of it’s more problematic aspects, but if I ever do a top ten guilty pleasures, I’ll probably review it then for it’s place at the number one slot. Until then, long live the 501’st Joint Fighter Wing.


20: Key the Metal Idol

So, there used to be three separate FYE stores in my relative area, and one of them had a massive used DVD section, which had a ton of obscure and disarmingly cheap anime items, and I’m not ashamed to say more than a few items on this very list were exposed to me through random single volume discs that I scrounged up there. This is where I originally found the first DVD for a curious title named Key the Metal Idol, and while I was only really interested in seeing boobs(Give me a break I was still a teenager), I quickly became so immersed in the story, characters and gritty aesthetic that I set out to find copies of all three disks, even going out of my way to find possibly the only copy of disk three in all of upstate New york for a whopping thirty dollars. It’s a lot easier to obtain in today’s market, which is great, because I love recommending it to people. One of my proudest moments as a reviewer was when someone on MAL sent me a message saying that she checked it out because of my review, and it was now her all time favorite. So, after that dip into my history, do you want to know why I love it so much? Well, I already wrote the review, and it’s a pretty good one, so go read that to get my complete thoughts on it.


19: Azumanga Daioh

As this list goes on, you’re going to see more and more titles that I’ve already reviewed, so i’m going to try to say new things about them, but you’ll have to forgive me if I repeat myself. Azumanga Daioh is a special anime for me, as it’s one of the first titles I was exposed to when I made the jump from anime that was airing on American TV to less accessible fare. And yeah, in the mid 2000’s, accessibility was more of an issue than it was now. I read the original manga at my town library, and found it so refreshingly funny, and so different from anything I’d read up until that point, that I wound up watching the anime on youtube(remember when you could do that?) before ordering the DVD set from Bestbuy. Interesting note, the first set didn’t arrive, and all I got was a torn open empty package, so I had to wait two more weeks for delivery. As for the show itself, it’s one that I keep coming back to. It’s a hugely influential title, and it’s humor is a lot more innocent and creative than the titles that ripped it off, and while I don’t love all of the jokes, I love almost all of the characters, which is great, because they’re the backbone of the series. What more can I say other than Go Team Sea Slug.


18: The Twelve Kingdoms

Here’s another show that I’ve already reviewed, and if I remember correctly, the only problem hampering it from getting a near perfect score was it’s lack of an ending, and I don’t mean the Berserk lack of an ending, I mean the story just stopped abruptly in it’s tracks. I loved pretty much everything else about it. Like, stop me if you’ve heard this one; A teenage girl gets sucked into another world by the one of that world’s conflicts, and she has to try and find her way back through the technologically primitive world that she’s gotten stuck in. This is by no means an uncommon set-up, it’s been used over and over again on the Shoujo market, and for my money, Twelve Kingdoms is the best one, with the most well written characters, the most serious stories, and the most well executed world-building. The entire reason I dropped Fushigi Yugi is because I couldn’t stop thinking “Man, I’d rather be watching Twelve Kingdoms right now.” I know that sounds kinda vague, but it’s a story you really have to experience for yourself, so I’ll let you get to it.


17: Negima?! Magister Negi Magi

I’ve always been a fan of Ken Akamatsu’s work, with his brand of cheeky yet more-or-less innocent and harmless harem shenanigans often carrying some surprisingly fun action, well paced story-telling and depth of characterization that you could hardly be blamed for glossing over the more problematic elements of his titles. Unfortunately, his work has been notoriously hard to adapt, with Love Hina being a complete failure, AI Love You floating around in obscurity, and the first Negima series proving to be a dull and soulless train wreck. Thankfully, there is at least one that I can whole-heartedly enjoy, and lo and behold, it’s the one that didn’t even bother trying to represent the source material. The second Negima anime takes the characters and ideas of the manga and goes in an entirely different direction, which frees it up from the source’s reliance on potentially problematic fanservice, and unlike the first anime, it doesn’t have to bother to try and represent volumes upon volumes of interconnnected and strongly continuous stories. It does it’s own thing, which ironically allows it to showcase just as much inspiration and imagination as the manga. It’s dumb, but it’s the best Negima we’re gonna get, so I’ll take it.


16: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Ah, one of the highly praised titles that every serious critic, be they genuinely high brow or just as pretentious as all hell, has to have on their list. Yeah, the irony of me saying that despite having it on my own list is not lost on me, but I’d like to think my love for it is a bit different than others. It’s a fun show to pick apart, as every new watch uncovers another layer of depth to be explored, and it’s incredibly smart and well written, but for me, it’s more than that. I love Revolutionary Girl Utena because it brings me back to my theater days in high school, back when I was just one dumb teenager in a room full of dumb teenagers over-acting and trying to convey someone else’s message. I said in my review that the acting in the dub reminds me of charmingly bad stage actors, but what I didn’t mention was that the actual story feels like the product of a repressed visionary trying to write his opus for a strict, anal school board(which I guess is a decent metaphor for Japan at the time), and finding a million clever ways to sneak his ideas and commentary past the censors, and for my money, that’s a pretty juicy joke to be in on.


15: Kill La Kill

Then again, you could go another way entirely with your message: How about sneaking your ideas and commentary into something that’s outwardly designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator? Using boobs, action, blood, gross-out and yuri teasing to sneak unsuspecting audiences with a female subversion of Gainax’s constant phallic imagery and male coming-of-age narratives? How about a clever allegory about Japanese traditional society? It may seem like sacrilege to put this above Utena, but while the former may be a lot smarter and carry more profound weight, Kill La Kill isn’t exactly dumb either, and it’s so much more fun and satisfying to watch. I don’t think I mentioned this in my review a few years ago, but guess how I managed to get the series on DVD? I found someone who was selling the DVD portions of his DVD/Bluray combo packs from the first five volumes in a lot for fifty bucks, so I ordered that, and then I bought the fifth volume DVD from that year’s Rightstuf anime sale for thirty, and I swapped all of it into an empty five disk case. I don’t put that much money and effort into every series, but this one was worth it.


14: Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

I’ve never reviewed this title, but I did give it the glorious top spot for my list of the top ten best anime English dubs, which I can’t begin to reiterate how much it deserves. Beck is probably the most realistic representation of growing up and coming of age that I’ve ever seen from anime, with the only moments I really had to suspend disbelief for being a certain story arc involving a swimming competition. There are a ton of stories out there about ordinary people being granted abrupt opportunities to become more, but it’s rare that a story comes along where one such individual is inspired to pursue a certain dream, but starts with no talent or experience, and has to earn their way up every step of the ladder, with young Yukio(AKA Koyuki) only having one advantage handed to him, being that of an older friend and mentor to give him direction. It’s not just music that Yukio grows into, as he works his way through bullying, finding out who his friends are, and making sense out of a relationship that gives “It’s complicated” a whole new meaning. On top of that, I can blast the awesome dub soundtrack without anyone knowing any of it was from an anime.


13: Battle Athletes Victory

I’ve written a lot of reviews that never really set the world on fire, a few of which have shamefully failed to bring in even 20 views apiece, and one of the ones i’m most disappointed by is this one. Victory is a wonderful series, and I actually think I did quite a good job dissecting it. Having said that, the effect this series had on my life is more than enough to compensate for any time I may have sunk into writing about it. I was at a point in my life where I was in a rut, I was in denial, and I’m fairly certain I was right on the verge of losing a pretty good job when, on thinking about this series(having already watched it about three times through), one of it’s more important messages just struck me out of the blue, made me realize what I was doing to myself in my own head, and quite literally saved my job. Like Key, this is another title that I found at the huge FYE, and while I wound up buying all eight disks for about 15 dollars apiece, I would easily shell out even more than that if the series was ever released proper. If you want to know why, you know the drill. Check out my review.


12: Great Teacher Onizuka

When I reviewed Dog and Scissors, I made a crack about how it was a completely safe title to judge the cover of. Well, guys, the exact opposite is true of GTO. I got the rereleased DVD set from amazon a few years ago, and it sat in my collection for a few years before I actually sat down and watched it(give me a break, long shows scare me), and I couldn’t have been less disappointed if I’d tried. For all of it’s low brow humor and overly sexualized teenage characters, this show isn’t just good, it’s smart. Onizuka should be the most annoying and unlikeable character in existence, but he’s almost zen-like in his role as a teacher, showing the over-worked and under-valued kids at his school how to be good people without ever getting too preachy about it, teaching them selflessness, humility, and over-all, to have faith in other people. The english dub is also funny as hell, with Wendee Lee and Steve Blum more than earning their reputations, and my favorite anime voice actor Michelle ruff even managing to outdo herself. I’m glad I finally saw this, and I know I’ll be watching it again.


11: Cardcaptor Sakura

While Battle Athletes Victory may have affected my life as an adult, I was at a much earlier time in my life when my otaku identity and love for writing was officially sparked by Cardcaptor Sakura… Well, Cardcaptors, actually. Am I the only one who thinks that wasn’t a terrible dub? I mean, it was bad, but it wasn’t 4Kids bad. Anyway, I had already dabbled in a few titles on Cartoon Network and gone apeshit over pokemon by the time this series hit the states, but this was the first series that really got me interested in pursuing anime on a somewhat serious level. As some of you may know, it’s also the first series I ever started writing fanfics about, and while my old fics are the definition of cringeworthy, I wouldn’t be as into writing as I am today if this show hadn’t come into my life. Of course, it’s more than just an important part of my past, it’s still a cool show to watch today, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent over 100 dollars on the blurays last year. I haven’t watched the new Clear Card series yet, but when I do… Well, let’s hope it’s better than Tsubasa was.


10: Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

If you’ve never heard of the original story of The Count of Monte Cristo… Which is unlikely, as they pretty much force some form of it on you in school… It’s the story of a wrongly accused man who escapes prison, concocts a bunch of new identities, and gets revenge on the people who wronged him. If you want to know my hot take on this classic French novel, it’s that the first half drags a bit and gets boring more often than not, and the second half is a fucking blast. Well, guess what? This series is based on the second half, with allusions to the first half thrown in as part of the mystery, which I feel was the perfect way for a 26 episode series to tell the story. There were a lot of changes made to the material… Beyond the setting and the design, they removed one of the most important characters, which may piss off some purists… But I honestly feel like it transcends the novel in a lot of ways, and is my preferred version of the story, for reasons I mentioned in my review. The art style may be a base breaker for you, so your mileage may vary.


9: Higurashi no Naku Koroni

There aren’t very many anime out there that are able to go viral just based on the way the characters laugh, but that’s exactly how I heard about this legendary horror franchise. Before I had any idea of what the plot was, I was seeing people share videos of several creepy-ass laughing scenes from the Japanese dub, and before long, I was looking up the episodes online, getting sucked in really quickly thanks to the bone-chilling backstory and unnervingly fast pace of the first story arc… And then getting confused as fuck when the world reset itself for the first time. Yeah, I seriously wondered if the Great Will of the Macrocosm from Excel Saga was going to make a cameo. With the one story done and a bunch more on the horizon, the story exploded, and having so many alternate timelines meant I was able to get ot know all of it’s awesome characters in a far more fleshed out way than most other shows can provide. I’ll be saying more about it when I review it for Otakutober this year(I promise), but until then, just know that it’s entirely worth revisiting.

Also, the manga version of the Eye Opening chapter is fucking insane.


8: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anime as technically perfect as this one. It was a huge deal when it was released, even though it would eventually lead to a million rip-offs and some pretty unfair backlash. About a year after it was released, I checked it out after seeing a few rave reviews that heaped critical praise onto it, and what I found in it was an engaging, masterfully told story full of intense emotion and heart-breaking twists, and as a testament to the execution of it’s story, I still find all of those big moments just as effective after countless rewatches. This is the kind of show that sticks with me after I watch it, and I’ve spent literally hours at a time talking about it and speculating about the world and it’s characters. Seriously, get me started on a conversation about the ethics and morals of Kyuubey, and I’ll be occupied with it all day. I didn’t really care for the movies, they don’t really factor into my fanhood at all, and even if the third one is considered canon, it can’t ruin what’s already so perfect.


7: Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf i the tale of a spice trader, and a… Well, a wolf. To be more specific, though, it’s the tale on a lonely man who crosses paths with a sexy supernatural goddess who promises to share her life with him, and while that may sound like the cringiest kind of magical girlfriend premise ever, the truth is that it’s incredibly smart and welcoming, Lawrence and Holo are both extremely well written characters, and while their developing relationship is the main attraction, the story surrounding them is exciting, full of intrigue, and will have you on the edge of your seat more than once by the time it’s done. The subject matter, as well, shouldn’t work, as the plot revolves largely around the unnamed fantasy country that the story takes place in, and they take their time explaining it’s political and economic workings to us, but the dialogue between Holo and Lawrence is so hauntingly natural and charming that it never once feels like exposition. I love this series, and I’ve never met anyone who didn’t at least like it. I reviewed it, but I don’t think I did a great job on it… Well, maybe if I review the second season someday, it’ll turn out better.


6: Berserk

This might be the greatest gateway anime there is. With it’s duel appeal as both a solid action gorefest and a deep, complex story, I’ve converted my fair share of anime fans by lending out my rare thinpack copy. I didn’t read too much of the manga, so I don’t really know firsthand where the story goes after the anime’s abrupt end, but from what I’ve seen from the third Golden Age movie, it looks like Griffith’s rape of Casca made her regress mentally to her childhood… Yeah, no thank you, I’m good. I’m happy with what I have, a wrap-around ending that doesn’t explain shit about how Guts escaped or what happened to Casca. Much like with Bunny Drop, it’s an ending that I’d like to know as little about as possible, so I’ll count my blessings that this version of the story made the right decision. I love the memorable characters, I love the awesome music, I even love the crummy animation and incomplete story… And now that the new adaptations are out, I’m not alone in that. Check it out, if you’ve got the Guts!


5: Cowboy Bebop

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t love at first sight with this title. I first watched it around a decade ago, and I was actually kinda bored by it. Why couldn’t it be more fun like my favorite anime at the time, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World(Don’t judge me, we’ve all got bones tio hide in our closets)? A few years down the road, with my tastes having developed beyond such intense cringe, I gave it a secondchance and absolutely fell in love with it. I often like bringing it up when people claim that anime is made of continuous stories while american cartoons are episodic, because Bebop is the perfect exception to that rule… It’s the episodic tale of four strange, lonely individuals going about their lives in a family that never really happens, despite there being numerous opportunities. There is a continuous story involving the main character and his arch-nemesis, but you can’t exactly skip the standalone episodes, because so many of them wind up supplementing and infirming that main story that you’d definitely miss them. If you’re looking for a deeper explanation of my love for it, well, I hate to sound like a broken record, but check out my review.


4: Princess Tutu

I’m pretty sure that this series makes one of the bet first impressions in anime history. If you weren’t already intrigued by the backstory of the man who died and his story living on from beyond the grave, then you’ll have your socks knocked off by the charming tragedy of a duck trying to live as a human girl in a world of weird, wacky and wonderful anthropomorphic animals and living fables. Sporting what may be one of the tightest narratives I’ve ever seen, this is a story that never stops developing, and it has me hooked through every bizarre twist, turn and reveal that it can throw at me. I rented the first disk from a library once(and not my local one this time, but one a few towns over), and those five episodes were enough to base a forty-five dollar purchase of the entire series on when the opportunity came around, Honestly, though, I’d shell out a lot more if the series ever finally got a proper Blu-Ray release. It’s not easy to make things like magic, ballet and talking animals badass, but God help me, Princess Tutu proved it possible.


3: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Yes, that’s right, Haruhi Suzumiya is my third favorite anime of all time, and I’m not ashamed of that. While it’s true that the series has aged about as well as a block of cheese, and it’s been churning out spin-offs in order to desperately try to stay relevant, although it’s already relevant n the worst way possible thanks to all of the trash anime that are still being influenced by it 12 years later, but what can I say? I love it. It was so fresh, weird and wonderful when it was new that it just had to take the market by storm, and while I didn’t jump on the bandwagon until a year later when the American DVDs came out, it still hit me at just the right time in my otaku development to lodge itself a permanent spot in my heart. Speaking of DVDs, I was able to avoid the story structure issues a lot of people have with it, because I was exposed to it through the FYE used section that I mentioned earlier. I’d already fallen i love with the first two DVDs and watched them about 6 times before the other disks came out, so I always just saw the later half of the series just as some supplemental material featuring the characters I’d fallen in love with. Other than that, it’s a giant party for nerds, and I’m not leaving it any time soon.


2: Toradora

While Toradora may only be hitting the number 2 spot on my list, it’s still my favorite show to recommend to people, especially if they’re looking for a quality romance story full of generous portions of comedy and drama, and more subverted tropes than you can fill a bento box with. Aside from the occasionally shoddy animation, there’s nothing about this series that isn’t wonderful… The story, while predictable in the vaguest possible sense, still takes you on a rollercoaster full of glorious highs and tear-jerking lows, and a level of character depth that’s so immersive, even the characters you rarely see are still able to give you the impression that they’re closer to fleshed out people than just stock background models. It’s the only anime I’ve ever seen that just… I don’t know, it just has this aura about it, like it just radiates with energy, passion, confidence and a perfect sense of synergy between all of it’s elements. It’s my number two pick, but the truth is, it’s the only show for over ten years to actually threaten my number one pick.

Speaking of which…


1: Fullmetal Alchemist

Yeah, I know, this result was predictable. It doesn’t take a very long look into my work to know that I absolutely love the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist, and consider it the best iteration of the franchise. That’s not to say Brotherhood’s bad, or anything, but ‘03 is a hard act to follow, as a series with a humongous cast of characters that gives each and every one of them the right amount of attention(Except for Archer, but the less said about him the better). I initially came across this series when I rented a few volumes of the manga from the library, and while they didn’t really hook me(they did spoil the Nina reveal for me, though), I did wind up spending about 100 dollars on the DVD sets that were available at the time… This was circa 2007, so that would be the four part release… And it wound up awakening me to just how good a story could be. I learned so much about writing from this series, from how to keep your themes consistent without becoming repetitive to the fact that even the main villain’s henchmen need their own unique motivations, to the fact that a happy ending isn’t always the best ending.

Yeah, I know, there were nazis, but the nazis were foreshadowed pretty freaking well, all things considered. There are areas where Brotherhood might have done a thing or two better… I did an entire post on this a few years ago… And hey, incidentally, I also wrote a really long post about FMA’s themes, which is a post that a lot of people seem to have either loved or hated. I might review the series proper at some point… It would be a good excuse to break in my new bluray collection, at any rate… But whether I write about it or not, my fanhood for this series has been imprinted deeply in my life. My first cosplay was Maes Hughes. Okay, it was a Roy Mustang costume with the gloves removed, but only one or two people pointed that out. I haven’t seen the live action movie yet, but hey, give me a break, I haven’t even seen the live action Death Note yet.  Once again, I have nothing serious against Brotherhood(to be honest I’m not 100% sure which show the image I’m using came from), but for my money, the original series is the best anime of all time, making it the obvious choice for the top spot on my list.

Thanks for reading to the end, I appreciate that.  I hope you enjoyed my list, and if you feel prepared to do so, leave a list of your own in the comments.  It doesn’t have to be sequential, like mine, it can just be a random list if you want it to.

And finally, remember when I said I’d be scrapping my theme months?  Well, I’ve decided to start a brand new one, which I will be debuting my next post, along with some brand new commissioned artwork from Jennifer Paetsch to go with it.

I look forward to seeing you all next weekend!

  1. Irina said:

    I should probably watch the few I haven’t seen I really liked all the ones have see

  2. “I wish I were a bird!” That whole sequence is hilarious.

    Anyway, interesting to see your full list. Nice mix of the super-popular series and lesser known ones.

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