*Yang enters the room. Ruby is sitting on the couch*

Yang: Oh man, that was awesome!

Ruby: Hey, sis. Where were you?

Yang: Oh, nowhere special. I just saw Your Name.

Ruby: Really? Where?

Yang: At the movie theater in Vale.

Ruby: You saw my name there?

Yang: Yeah, I… What?

Ruby: Where was it, in the bathroom? I would think that if you saw my name somewhere it didn’t belong, you’d erase it for me.

Yang: No, that’s not what I mean. I saw Your Name.

Ruby: You saw my name.

Yang: No, the movie was called Your Name.

Ruby: They named a movie after me?

Yang: No, you don’t get it!

Ruby: You’re darn right I don’t get it, they should have done that ages ago.

Yang: They did not name a movie after you.

Ruby: So it was a coincidence?

Yang: The title of the movie was literally Your Name.

Ruby: Which is Ruby.

Yang: I can’t believe this.

Ruby: What kind of movie was it?

Yang: It was an anime movie.

Ruby: There’s an anime named Ruby?

Yang: No of course there isn’t, stop being stupid!

Ruby: I’m not being stupid, you’re confusing me! Are you doing it on purpose? Did Qrow put you up to this?

Yang: You know what? I’m out. Screw this. I’m done with this conversation. *sigh* I’m gonna go see another movie.

Ruby: What are you gonna see?

Yang: Call Me By Your Name.

Ruby: Okay, fine. What are you gonna see, Ruby?

Yang: I hate you so much!

Ruby: Love you too.

*Yang leaves, Weiss enters*

Weiss: What was that all about?

Ruby: I don’t know. We just had this really weird fight. Sister stuff, I guess.

Weiss: I hear that. Anyway, I’m going to a concert this weekend. Wanna tag along?

Ruby: Sure, sound like fun. Who’s on first?


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