Let’s Try Pumpkin Pete’s cereal!

Hey guys, Naru here, and I am actually really excited about today’s post. I’m writing it in real time, which I haven’t done in a long ass time, and I’m going to post it the second I’m finished writing it. I was originally going to post another article shitting all over The Nightmare Before Christmas, and while I still hate that movie, I wasn’t entirely pleased with how the post turned out. I was going to commit to it anyway, because I haven’t been able to get the Highschool of the Dead fanfic that’s been rattling around inside of my head onto paper, but yesterday while I was out shopping, I stumbled upon a perfectly timed opportunity.

I was out at a mall that’s about twenty minutes from my house, because it’s the only local mall that still has an FYE store, and I had a bag of trade-ins to get rid of. I do that a lot. While I was there, I sort of asked off hand if they had any Pumpkin Pete’s cereal still in stock, and while I had absolutely zero confidence that there’d be any, it turned out they had an entire case of the stuff that they hadn’t put out yet. And thus, I now have a box of cereal that cost 13 dollars.

For those of you looking for a little background, this product was inspired by a one-off joke in the first volume of RWBY, where it was revealed that Pyrrha was so famous that she’d actually been featured on a cereal box. She said the cereal itself wasn’t very good OR very healthy, and in a later Chibis short she seemed to be struggling to eat it while being filmed for a commercial, but somehow, it still wound up becoming an actual product, despite Pyrrha’s wishes. And now, in honor of her death, you get to enjoy two scoops of her ashes in every box!

Too morbid? Sorry. I’m just really excited about this. It’s not the first product tie-in cereal that’s ever existed… I had Pokemon cereal back in the day, I had some Star Wars cereal featuring Rey from The force Awakens(I still have the box), and the WWE stable The New Day got their Booty-O’s cereal turned into a popular FYE staple. Honestly, considering the burst in popularity over Mulan McNuggets sauce, I was surprised to see so many boxes of Strawberry Smiggles there, with nobody lining up to buy them. I mean, I like Rick and Morty, but I don’t LOVE it, so I can do without their cereal and shitty McDonalds condiments.

But I bought myself a box of Pumpkin Pete’s, and I’m going to try some for you today!

Here’s what it looks like in person…

Here’s a word search on the side…

The back, with a free cut-out mask…

I know how important these are for you.

Something tells me I’ll be finishing it before this date.

If this were the nineties, the small toy would be in the bottom of the box, and the larger toy would be mail-order.  Ask your parents, kids.

Funny, they kind of look like Lucky Charms…

These marshmallows aren’t dissuading that impression…

And yeah, it’s just Lucky Charms. 

Well, guys, that about wraps this up…  If you were curious about what Pumpkin Pete’s taste like, it’s just Lucky Charms.  Whether or not you’ll like them depends on what you think about Lucky Charms.  I think they’re okay, and pretty good in milk, and that’s the impression I got from Pete’s.

Was it worth 13 bucks?  Yeah, insofar as I get to add the box to my RWBY collection without fear of moths or rats tearing it open, but food-wise, no way.

Next week, I’ll be posting a review of one of the first anime I ever saw, so get ready for the exciting conclusion of Otaku-tober!

  1. theanimeprince said:

    This was very cool, nonetheless.

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