50 Ways RWBY Would Be Different if it Were an Anime!

1: There would be OVA episodes
2: RWBY Chibi would be called something more creative.
3: Ruby’s most powerful attack would take multiple episodes to charge.
4: The students would have a homeroom class, instead of just a few exposition classes.
5: In that class, Ruby would sit in back by the window.
6: Right behind Weiss.
7: Characters would get profiles detailing their birthdays, blood types, favorite flowers, etc.
8: One of the characters… Probably Blake… Would be an aspiring manga artist.
9: Ren would make rice balls or pork buns, instead of pancakes.
10: One of the wealthy characters would have their own summer home/private island…
11: On which we’d have at least one beach episode.
12: And at least one onsen/hot springs scene.
13: Or just bathing and showering in general. Seriously, it’s even common in kids anime.
14: They’d also jealously compare bust sizes.
15: Weiss would probably have pigtails.
16: Ren and Nora would be related… Most likely cousins.
17: Nora would likely have a kansai accent.
18: Yang would drink a lot more, and at least once make a reference to Misato Katsuragi’s iconic beer chug.
19: Jaune’s dress would have included a wig and fake boobs.
20: Volume 4 Cinder would be wearing an eyepatch.
21: Roman would be prettier, and have long white hair.
22: Pumpkin Petey’s would come in hundreds of different flavors, including limited editions.
23: Pyrrha would be a terrible cook, and her team would just pretend not to notice.
24: Jaune, on the other hand, would be an unexpected prodigy at it.
25: Beacon would have had school clubs.
26: Instead of barking, Zwei would only be able to say his name
27: Jaune would have a terrible sense of direction.
28: Blake would constantly insert the sound “Nya” into her speech.
29: Tai Yang would have married Summer when she was a teenager.
30: Ozpin would be a horny old man.
31: One of the named students would be Ozpin’s niece/granddaughter.
32: LGBT characters would be portrayed in offensive, obsessive, predatory ways.
33: Jaune would occasionally walk in on Weiss changing and get his ass kicked over it.
34: One of the female characters would be constantly groping her peers.
35: Romances between characters would be teased, but never confirmed.
36: Team RWBY would have an ultimate attack that called upon the power of friendship.
37: Zwei would get his own episode, likely involving a night on the town and silly hijinks.
38: Chibi would have a fraction of the main show’s budget.
39: Volume 4 would have featured an episode involving CFVY, FNKI, SSSN, etc.
40: Grimm Eclipse would include a vs. mode.
41: In addition to Grimm Eclipse, there would be at least one dating game/visual novel.
42: Tai-Yang’s mother would be alive, living with him, and 3 feet tall.
43: It would utilize occasional public domain classical music pieces.
44: They’d save money with close-ups, speed-lines, and extras frozen in the background.
45: People and interiors would be 2D, ships and environments would be 3D.
46: They’d have series recap episodes.
47: Penny’s first word would have been her name.
48: .Beacon would have had cultural and athletic festivals.
49: More characters would wear glasses.
50: It would have been made in Japan.


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