Who’s the Best Character in RWBY: Grimm Eclipse?

Ah, Grimm Eclipse. To some, it’s a limited, cheaply made rip-off of Dynasty Warriors. To others, it’s fucking addictive. I am proud to call myself a member of that camp. I got that game and Overwatch this year for my PS4, and when I finally got Playstation Plus, I was able to play them. Since that day, I’ve felt sorry for my lonely, unloved copy of Overwatch, but what can I say? Grimm Eclipse is just too hard for me to put down, and in honor of the recent eclipse, we’re going to talk about it!

Since it hit consoles and I started playing it, I’ve spent an inconceivable amount of time on it, completing it 100 percent after only two months, and yet I still kept playing it. After all that time, I’ve become familiar enough with the material that I’ve decided to share my wealth of knowledge with you. In this post, I’m going to be ranking all eight characters available in the game from worst to best, and I’ll be judging based on a number of factors, including damage potential, special abilities, dash length, weaknesses, and the like. I’ll be exploring their pros and cons, figuring out what they’re good for and where they falter, and ultimately deciding who’s truly the best character.

But keep in mind, none of them are necessarily bad characters. Worst is a relative term. If there is any grouping of diverse entities, the one on the bottom will always be seen as the worst, even if they’re perfectly fine in their own right. Also, you might not agree with my rankings, but I forgive you for that. Nobody’s perfect.

Onto the list!

#8: Lie Ren

Lie Ren is a very strange character, and you have to use him in very specific ways to make him worthwhile. His best attribute is probably the fact that he’s one of the three best dashers in the game, but aside from that, nothing about him is really very impressive. His ranged attack is a hot mess, and even when it’s beefed up, it’s not even powerful enough to justify the time you put into unlocking it. His ultimate attack does decent damage, but it’s unreliable, which is a shame, because you’ll need to rely on it a lot. It works the best when you’re facing individual powerhouse enemies, like Ursas or mutant Beowulves, but if there are multiple enemies on the field, such as in the final battle of Story mode, he can’t be trusted.

On top of that, and I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this, his heavy attack… Which does decent damage, to be fair… Does recoil damage. Who the bloody hell thought that would be a good idea? His team attack is pretty boss, and he’s quick on his feet, but he’s not a very easy character to master, particularly with the aiming difficulty present in his ranged attack, which is why I consider him the worst character.


#7: Pyrrha.Nikos

Despite having a terrible dash length, Miss Nikos probably has the second best ultimate attack in the game, right behind Ruby’s, as they can both kill full-health Beowulfs with one hit, but that’s really all she has going for her. In order to use this character at her full potential, you’ve gotta have a lot of patience, and spend a lot of time wearing down hordes of enemies with her counter before safely moving in for the kill. She is the only character who can counter while standing still, which is her only real special attribute, although highly skilled and intelligent players will be able to use that technique in conjunction with her team attack to overcome her weaknesses.

I’m honestly not a fan of the fact that she has an entire skill tree dedicated to melee attacks, because while she may be decent as a striker, that’s not the kind of technique you want to be using to quickly and cleanly disperse of a large number of enemies. Also, her long range attack is kind of a joke, although it does feature a stun effect. As I said before, no character in this game is technically bad, but I do believe she’s the second weakest of the eight.


#6: Yang Xiao Long

Honestly, I kind of consider #6-4 to be very close, almost tied, but with just barely enough differences to distinguish them from each other. Yang could have actually jumped to #4 if she had a good dash length, but she just barely falters in that category. Her special attribute is that she can restore her ultimates by losing health, which sounds great on paper, but it comes with two nagging problems… First of all, that puts you at risk of getting knocked out, and second of all, in oirder to make the best use of this attribute, you’d need to unlock it as well as both extra Ultimate bars, and Yang’s only a considerable threat when all of her skill trees are unlocked.

Yeah, you heard me… Yang is really only a worthwhile character when all three of her skill trees are at the maximum. At level two, her team attack and ranged attack are a joke, and her ultimate is… well, still above average, but nowhere near as powerful as it is at level three. All three of her skill sets are powerful when beefed up, but in order to get there, you need to pour all of her points into them, rendering her defensive and support stats bare, making her a glass cannon. She’s great for kamikaze players, but clumsy with most others.


#5: Nora Valkyrie

For the most part, Nora’s an average character. She has one of the worst dash-lengths, is an okay striker, and like Yang, her team and ultimate attacks aren’t really useful unless they’re bulked up. The reason I put her above Yang and the others is that she has the second best ranged attack in the game, and it’s pretty useful even at low levels. Instead of just one attack, she launches a whle barrage of bombs, which gives her move great spread, and can damage multiple enemies at once. True, the damage from this attack gets better with each level up on the skill tree, but the stagger effect alone is really useful against tougher enemies, and it’s the best and fastest way to build up a long hit streak, which is important for both completing challenges and refilling the ultimate bars.

She still has really good Ultimate and Team attacks, as long as you’re able to spare enough points to beef them up. Her ranged attack is more or less fine at level 2, leaving some points for defense and support. Actually, now that I think about it, since it;s so easy to fill up the Ultimate bar with this character, you can actually afford to skimp a bit on the Team Attack, and just rely on ranged and ultimates.


#4: Ruby Rose

First off, Ruby is the second of the three characters who have the best dash-lengths in the game, which definitely counts for something. Second, her ultimate attack and Team attack are both totally boss, with her ultimate easily being the most powerful in the game, and she’s also really fast with her combos. She’s a deadly character who’s a lot of fun to play, but she also has one serious flaw: Her ranged attack is an insult to the player.

It can deal out status effects, which is fine if that’s what you’re into, but it has a four level skill tree, and even if you max it out to the fourth level, which is always a VERY time consuming task, it takes two complete rounds to kill a fucking Creeper. I guess the second level is acceptable, just because it stuns, and you can just stop there and pour your remaining points into getting all three Ultimate bars, so she’s still a fine character.


#3: Jaune Arc

At first glance, Jaune doesn’t look all that impressive. His dash-length is shit, he has literally no ranged attack, and his ultimate, on it’s own, doesn’t do a lot of damage. But oh, does he make up for all of this. First of all, he’s one of two characters who start out the game with a broken, powerful attack at low levels. His heavy attack is quite a bit more powerful than anyone else’s, both the charged version and the aerial version. They do heavy damage, but on their own, they’re pretty risky. They require you to fight close-range, and if you get crowded and mess up your timing, the results could be devastating for you. Luckily, Jaune has a system in place that makes these moves even more powerful than they already are.

As you already know, Jaune’s ultimate Attack has the power to give your team, or just yourself, stat boosts. The speed boost is a nice little gimmick, fun to use for a bit, but ultimately not very useful. The damage boosts, however, are a godsend. And the best part is that while every other character has an ultimate attack that hits once for the price of a whole ultimate bar, Jaune’s attack instead elevates his regular attacks, so by the time it’s effect has expired, you’ll have already dealt massive damage AND filled your bars back up. Take this effect and add his ability to utilize his own Team Attack set-ups, and you’ve got yourself a perpetual motion machine of bad-assery. Hell, you don’t even need to beef up your heavies at all, so you’ll still have points left over for the necessary support stats.


#2: Blake Belladonna

Here we have yet another character that really doesn’t look like much. Her ultimate is powerful, but you need to boost it to a fourth level just to maximize it. That’s not to say the second and third levels aren’t decent or can’t be worked with, but the fourth is still way more powerful. Her team attack is essentially the same as Ren’s ultimate attack, and it works better as a Team Attack. She also has a decent ranged, but not very good Dash-length, and no real special attributes… Unless you know the secret to using her.

See, Blake is a slightly above average character at best, but if you know how to use her to your advantage, she is indispensable when it comes to battling hordes. I can’t even imagine someone getting the Platinum trophy without relying heavily on her. The secret lies within her second level ranged attack, which is by far the best stunning move in the game. It has great range, a decent spread, and it moves through targets, meaning the amount of enemies she can stun is limited only by how many are right in front of you. They’re also instantly aggroed, so if you’re looking to exercise some crowd control in order to keep the hordes away from a node, Blake can do this with ease. Using blake is the easiest possible way to achieve Horde Master, Horde Hero, Crazy Science Machine, The Old Fashioned Way, you name it.


#1: Weiss Schnee

Remember when I said Jaune had a broken move really early on? Well, so does Weiss. It only takes one experience point to unlock her second level ranged attack, which does heavy damage, staggers opponents, and can be used rapid-fire to take down enemies before they even get to you. Back it up with her second level Ultimate, which is decent but not overpowered, and you can cruise through campaign mode with those two moves alone.

The third level of each of her skill trees is a freezing attack, which I don’t really see the point of. So, if you stop at level two with each tree, you will officially have her at her maximum damage potential… Yeah, her ultimate only kills about half the life of a Beowulf, but her ranged attack more than makes up for it, with a staggering effect that even works on Mutant Beowulfs. Aside from Blake, she’s the best character to use against both red and white android enemies, and right behind Blake, she’s the second best character to use in Horde battles(especially Mountain Glenn), and she’s able to reach this level of power with six entire experience points remaining, which can be fed into her Defensive and Support stats, making her by far the most well-rounded character in the game. also, out of the three characters with the farthest dash-lengths, she’s slightly better than the other two.

She’s a deadly character for experienced players, the perfect character for beginners, and my pick for the best character in the game.


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