The Mystery Blogger Award!

Right, so, my good friend Jennifer Paetsch nominated me for this award, and I’m flattered to once again be receiving one.  I’ve got to be honest, though, I’m more thrilled by the gesture from her than I am for the award itself.  Miss Paetsch was the first person to really support this blog by offering likes to my work, she granted me a fantastic interview that I urge you to read, and I’ve been commissioning header artwork from her since last fall.  If you’re in need of artwork for your personal or public sites, I highly recommend contacting her, as her prices are fair and her work is well worth the investment.  You can find her blog at, and the creator of the award, Okoto Enigma, at this clicky thing.

As for these awards themselves, I’m not crazy about them.  I don’t hate them, as they carry a symbolic honor, and they do tend to create surges of traffic, but they feel too much like chain letters for my taste.  I apologize to anyone that may offend, it’s just the way these things feel to me.

And now comes the part where I have to do stuff.

1. You found something in a drawer you forgot. What is it and what is it for?

Likely a cord to something.  Either for a gaming device I’ve stopped using or for one of my cameras.

2. Favorite day of the year?

I’d honestly have to say whenever tora-con is.  so many happy memories.

3. Cake or death?

What kind of cake?  If I choose cake, does it turn out to be a lie, and I get death anyway?  i need to know these things.

4. Do you prefer spicy, sweet, or savory?

I’m honestly not sure what savory means…  But I don’t like things that are too sweet or too spicy, so Savory sounds just vague enough to pick.

5. How many pets have you had in you life and what were they? Tell us about them!

I grew up with mostly dogs…  I had a border collie/cocker spaniel mix named Midnight who was partially disabled, and didn’t learn to bark until she was well past 10 years old.  This was after we got her a new companion, a black Lab named Lucky, who had a biting problem and had to be put down a few years after Middy’s passing.  We then got Lady, another cocker, who lived until 15, as cockers tend to do.

When I started living independently, I got into cats, and weirdly enough, I’ve to this day never had a kitten.  I got them all as adults from friends who couldn’t keep them.  The first and main one was Shadow, a gray Maine Coon who’s picture I included in my Cat Soup review.  I got him when he was six, and soon after I took in a black barn cat named Jack, who, according to all evidence, was around 18 when I got him.  He died around 20, and Shadow was clearly depressed over it, so I replaced him a year later with an orange cat named Vinny.  I had to put 16 year old Shadow down a month and a half ago, a day before my birthday.

He’d been aging for a while…  He’d started developing arthritis in his hips a few years prior…  And he slowed down in his later years.  He stopped grooming, leaving the care of his fur to me.  I’m pretty sure that he was ready to go long before I was ready to let him, and oddly enough, in his last week before he lost the ability to stand up and move by himself, he’d shown signs of being oddly nostalgic over the old toys he could no longer play with.  Anyway, I found a vet that would take him on short notice(FUCK Banfield), and he passed comfortably.

Time to pick some people, and probably eventually get around to telling them!

My questions:

1: What’s the square root of pie?
2: In your opinion, at what exact time does noon become afternoon?
3: Do you think ostriches ever get jealous of the flying birds?
4: What’s your favorite alchemist-related anime from 2003?
5: Do you think western animation should be considered anime?

  1. Thank you, Matt, for the very kind words and for the heartfelt pet stories! ❤️ I’m so very glad I could do some things to support you and your blog!

  2. Big congratulations on receiving this award. Yay! Good job. And of course, thank you very much for nominating my blog Fujinsei, as well. Cheers!

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