My RWBY fan theory!

Before we begin, here’s a trade secret:  I like to have my work done far in advance, sometimes weeks, sometimes months.  As far as this post goes, this paragraph is the only part that wasn’t written in December.  I’m writing it day of, which is normally when I’d edit my posts.  No, I’m adding this section in to acknowledge that I finally caught up with RWBY yesterday, and spoiler alert, Qrow tells a story that conflicts with what I wrote here.  It’s some story about two Gods, one in control of day and the other in control of night, and the one in control of night gets jealous, and MY LITTLE PONY RIP-OFF.  How does this figure into my theory?  I don’t freaking know, but it’s probably a heavily metaphorical story that isn’t meant to be taken literally, so whatever.  I’m not changing my theory for anything.

Here we go!

Perhaps the most amazing thing about me having a RWBY fan theory is the fact that I’ve become enough of a fan to have a theory. And this isn’t something new, either… Way back in my review of the first season, when I still thought it was steaming garbage, I did mention that something seemed fishy about the intro. They mentioned that humanity was born into a cold, uncaring world, and the race called Grimm wanted us dead for no other reason than the fact that we existed. I said, and this was years ago, mind you, that there had to be more to the situation than we were being told, and it was incredibly likely that we weren’t just an innocent party at the whims of a beast bent on driving us to extinction. We did something to deserve it. We had to have. It was the only explanation that made sense. I mean, otherwise, wouldn’t they want to keep us a live as a long-term food source? The evolutionary drive to eat when hungry is what drives the survival of all Earth’s creatures, way moreso than murderous rage.

Today, a few years later, I’ve come up with a theory that explains not only that, but several other details that have bugged me for a while. Of course, you’ll have to take this theory with a grain of salt, as it’s mostly just me firing from the hip and imagining a scenario that adds logic and reason to a series that’s based around neither, and since RWBY hasn’t really specified a lot about it’s past outside of it’s folk lore, I didn’t have much to work with. Having said all that, let’s start by going through my theorized history of Remnant.

In the not-too-distant future, Mankind realizes that a large meteor covered in strange material is heading for Earth. Hoping to guarantee the survival of the species, we take our brightest minds, including our scientists, our medical researchers, our historians, etc. The meteor hits, and we come back down to the ground a few centuries later, looking to repopulate the landscape. We quickly notice that the strange material on the meteor was a sort of dust containing magical reality-altering properties, such as the fact that the moon, which it collided with on the way to Earth, somehow hasn’t collapsed back in on itself via the force of gravity, and still exists in a field of floating shards. As far as life goes, only limited sea life has survived, so we set out to terraform and colonize what livable land is left.

We attempt to use cloning technology to turn our ancient animal DNA samples into living creatures, but we get nowhere, until a brilliant scientist has an idea; She theorizes that with the magical properties of the meteor’s dust, the process can be pulled off successfully! With the help of her assistant, she attempts to clone these animals while infusing their DNA with dust, but in doing so, she accidentily creates The Grimm. They bear the appearance of classic Earth fauna, with one distinct difference… A deep, seething hatred for their human creators. After it’s been decided that the hundreds of Grimm species are to be terminated, the scientist exposes herself to raw dust in protest, becoming a human/Grimm hybrid herself… She releases them into the wild, where mankind’s attempts to recreate native plantlife has actually flourished, and becomes the queen of her own creations: Salem. Her assistant, Ozpin, would work to uncover a way to filter dust so it can be used with much safer results.

For example, the dust gives Oz immortal life, with the power to move his soul into new bodies upon his death. This power would keep him alive long enough to try and recreate the animal kingdom again, this time using voluntary human subjects in the mix. In doing so, he creates Faunus, a race of animal-human hybrids that are treated with respect and curiosity at first, but before long are ostracized from humanity by sentiments of racism and ownership. They eventually rebel, forming their own coalition and eventually their own societies. Over the next few centuries, the history of pre-meteor Earth continues to be taught, humans and Grimm both expand to colonize the livable land, and the origins of Faunus and Grimm become lost in time, a legend and eventually a myth remembered only by Ozpin and Salem, the only survivors of the humans who came down to Earth so long ago. Over time, Dust use would become more sophisticated. People would learn strange powers from it, that would eventually get absorbed into their very DNA and to their descendants.

Now, that sounded kind of cool, didn’t it? Screw you, I liked it. But yeah, here’s the evidence I have to support my theory.

1: In the first episode of season 2, Ruby makes direct references to Lincoln, Nixon and King Jr, which would only be possible if the people of Remnant were aware of American political history. This points to our universes being directly connected.

2: Throughout the series, I can’t remember seeing any live animals aside from Grimm, and crows that we know people can turn into. However, Grimm are obviously based on Earth animals.

3: There’s a swordfish and chickens on the table in the food fight scenes, but they’re likely fake, as the chickens are tough enough to be used as boxing gloves, and the swordfish is as stiff as a board and hasn’t been cooked, prepared or eaten, meaning that it’s likely a decorative centerpiece.

4: The other exception is Ruby’s dog Zwei, but since he’s able to freely shapeshift and survive a lengthy trip in a tube without food and water, it’s unlikely that he’s a natural pooch. He’s more likely a biological weapon, engineered to look like a dog.

5: The natural evolution of Faunus makes no sense. There’s no Darwinian advantage to people developing normal human bodies, complemented by random animal parts. This is especially true for horns and antlers, which if used at all, would likely break the user’s neck.

6: At the very least, there’s evidence of man controlling the ecosystem and plantlife. This comes in the from of The Forest of Forever Fall, whose name implies that it’s a wooded area that experiences autumn all year long. This could not possibly have happened naturally, as it implies the trees are constantly growing new leaves just to immediately drop them to the forest floor. Likely, this ecosystem is artificially sustained to keep tree sap, and thus maple syrup, in season all year long.

7: You could site the Grimm’s beef with mankind as a result of Salem mind-controlling them, but if that were the case, the mammoth ones wouldn’t be so docile.


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