50 Facts About Me!

At first glance, it may appear to you that I’ve run out of ideas and decided to pull something out of my ass.  That may have been true with some last year’s January posts, but to tell you the truth, I’ve been putting this list together since September with the explicit intention of starting off 2017 with it.  Why?  Because I have really weird ideas, and if I feel strongly enough about them, I act on them, damn the logic.  I want you to know me a bit better, and if that doesn’t interest you, that’s fine, I’ll have a full review up next week.  For the rest of you, the readers who keep pushing this blog above and beyond it’s limits, I’d love to hear more about YOU in the comments.

Let’s go!

1: While I was born at Langley Airforce Base, Virginia, I’ve lived in New York since I was 3.
2: I’m thirty years old, and my birthday is March 12.
3: I have Asperger’s Syndrome, a high functioning form of Autism.
4: I don’t monetize this blog, I earn my living from a full-time retail job.  I do sell on Ebay, though.
5: I am Asexual. I came out on social media one year ago this week.
6: There’s also a distinct possibility that I’m Aromantic, but I’m not sure yet.
7: Politically, I’m an Independent who leans slightly Democratic.
8: My favorite food is Chicken Parmesan.
9: My favorite beverage is Limeade.
10: I hate mayonnaise and caramel.
11: My favorite anime is Fullmetal Alchemist 2003.
12: My favorite wrestler is Shelton Benjamin.
13: My favorite movie is Big Fish.
14: My favorite TV show is Firefly.
15: My favorite animal used to be frogs, then it was rhynos, now it’s frogs again.
16: My favorite cartoon characters are Donald Duck and Daffy Duck, the original Angry Birds.
17: My favorite subjects in school were the writing/reading ones.
18: My least favorite subject was French.
19: My favorite video game is TMNT 4: Turtles in Time for the SNES..
20: I have two cats… A 12 year old mix, and a 15 year old Maine Coon.
21: I’ve cosplayed Alucard, Maes Hughes, Auron from FFX and Rorschach.
22: I have a sizeable collection of Pop Funko figures.
23: I’m a huge fan of Gold Peak tea. Some might even say a snob over it.  Green and Peach are the best.
24: I’ve tried two GP flavors that they don’t sell in stores… Pomegranate and White Citrus.
25: As well as 2 limited edition flavors, Summertime Lime and Harvest Pear.
26: According to Pottermore I’m a Gryphondor, but other tests have called me a Slytherin.
27: I only read Harry Potter for the first four books, and lost interest before 5 came out.
28: I don’t read very much manga. I only collect 1 or 2 series at any given time.
29: I’m weirdly drawn towards women named Rachel. I blame Animorphs for this.
30: I can’t stand ‘true otaku’ challenges on Facebook. They’re easy to the point of condescension.
31: My first anime was Adventures of Nemo in Slumberland, although I didn’t know it was anime until later.
32: I won’t say what site they’re on, but I have a ton of terrible Cardcaptors fanfics available online.
33: I’m a Protestant, and a member of the United Church of Christ.
34: I was an atheist until the age of 24.
35: A lot of my early manga exposure came via my local library. Azumanga Daioh, Love Hina, Chobits and Excel Saga were the big ones.
36: As much as I love Haruhi Suzumiya, I’ve never seen it in broadcast order.
37: My reviewing style was largely inspired by Jesuotaku and The Nostalgia Critic.
38: I did Theater in school, appeared in Pippin, and am a 3 star thespian.
39: I’ve never broken a bone or had non-dental surgery.
40: I used to be so obsessed with Pokemon that my first GF broke up with me over it.
41: And yet, I’ve never played Pokemon Go.
42: Possibly because I’ve never owned a cell phone.
43: On the rare occasion that I prank someone, I can be particularly nasty.
44: My late Grandfather fought in WWII, and said Patton had a really foul mouth.
45: My first job, I put “Fanfic author” on my resume. I’ve kept this job for nearly 13 years.
46: I attempted to do video reviews, but I sucked at it, and hated the entire process.
47: I have a steel Christmas tree stand set aside as my Zombie Apocalypse weapon.
48: I hate months that contain five Saturdays, because they make me do extra work.
49: I don’t believe in illegally streaming anime, unless there’s no other available option.
50: I believe that everything that happens in a fictional universe must be taken aat face value as a distinct possibility in that universe, even if it was meant to be comedic, no matter what that possibility implies. Everything that happens, happens, and cannot be ignored.

  1. Great facts! 😃 I feel like I learned an awful lot about you! I don’t have much to say about myself. I’m a pretty boring person!

  2. Quite an interesting list. 3 facts about tea.. you feel quite quite strongly about it, I imagine. 🙂

    It’s nice seeing things like this once in a while. Give me a better idea of the voice behind the words.

    • Oh, I loved having an excuse to write about Gold Peak. I might write more in the future, even.

      But yeah, lists like this are nice. If you ever write one, send me the link.

  3. I always thought Donald and Daffy were better than Mickey and Bugs Bunny. Like you, I don’t own a mobile phone. During the peak of the Pokemon Go craze I was very tempted to get one though.

    • That’s understandable, but honestly, when they first announced Go, I thought it sounded like a really, really bad idea. Never really had the urge to join in, phone or no.

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