Pokemon Conclave Retrospective part 2

Am I really doing this again?

Yes. Yes I am.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I wrote a retrospective about willow McCall’s early 2000’s fanfic Pokemon conclave, originally titled Pokemon Neo. I enjoyed writing the last chapter, although I really wasn’t expecting to wait nineish months to write part 2. Well, that’s what I’m here to do, but before I do, I’d like to include a plug to the further works and bio of the author in question, in case you’re curious about checking out more of her work. I can’t find anything of hers from beyond 2003, but from what I can tell, a good place to start would be sailorriven.tripod.com, so knock yourself out.

Also, if you’re looking for good Blasck Friday or general Holiday deals, check out Dailyamanga.wordpress.com.  The owner of said blog, a good friend of mine, will keep you updated with all you need to know to find the best possible deals on anime and related swag.

Anyway, for those of you just tuning in, Pokemon Conclave is about Aoife, pronounced EE-fah, the daughter of Ash and Misty. Her pokemon is a Pikachu named Chu-Chu, the infant of Ash’s Pikachu… Remember, this fanfic predates the second generation, that’s how depressingly old it is… and thus far, she’s met a few people and captured a few pokemon on her quest to explore the Kanto league. She’s also acquired some antagonists, including her rival, Gary Oak’s daughter Fawn, and Bonnie and Clyde, a couple of second generation Team rocket members. She’s about to arrive in Pewter city to challenge for the Boulder Badge, so without any further ado, let’s join her!

Aoife buys some potions from the Mart, and then encounters a strange woman. She asks for directions, and is led to the Pewter City gym. The woman reveals herself to be Suzie… Yes, that Suzie… Who then introduces her to the Gymleader, Petra Stone, the child of Suzie and the Hiker type from last time, Brock! Gasp! I lied to you to preserve a spoiler, oh no! Petra leads her to the arena, for her first Gym Battle!

Petra starts with Onix, Aoife with Rattatta. Rattatta poisons Onix with Hyper Fang… Where do I even begin… and Petra recalls him. Golem is out next, and yeah, Rattatta holds up about as well as you’d expect. He’s flattened like a Sham-wow. Aoife calls Spearow, who uses a wing attack on the Golem, inadvertently knocking them both out. Petra calls Ryhorn against Chu-Chu, who uses the same lightning rod tactic that Ash used against Blain. Petra calls a Mr. Mime, who is female. Yeah, I’ll warn you right now, this is going to be a thing later on. Chu-Chu destroys… Her… And the badge is hers, in a match that even Yugioh writers would call Shenanigans on.

There’s some brief conversation, and Petra decides to go along with Aoife, and that’s literally an entire chapter! Hey, look, I was 15 back then, this stuff was cool to me.

In chapter 5, Petra and Aoife are deciding where to go, and they decide to put Mount moon on hold until the rain lets up, hiding instead in a pokemon center. But the lines are long, probably from all the people Joy told to come again, so they go to the museum instead. I should probably mention at this point that the author of this fanfic is bisexual, because she wastes no time in establishing that Petra has picked up her father’s obsession with the ladies, making eyes at the Museum attendant and asking if Fawn is cute. The dialogue soap-boxes a bit, but it won’t become an issue until later.

Petra explains the leveling system to Aoife, as well as revealing that Fawn hasn’t received her Boulder Badge yet, because nobody by that name has come through the Pewter city gym. They look at some fossils, and then come across Bonnie and Clyde trying to steal an Omastar fossil! Clyde tries to flee, but Bonnie stops him, challenging Aoife, who’s Chu-Chu confuses Sundance the Vulpix with double-team. Petra takes advantage of their confusion and uses her Mrs. Mime, Mina, to Psy-wave them out of the building. Petra relates to their having a vulpix, and misses her parents.

The police show up, and here’s where the soap boxing becomes a problem. I know a lot of Pokefans who hated the sexually aggressive Brock in the original story, so when Petra starts chatting up “Officer Fiona,” ignores her polite deflections and then climbs onto the back of her motorbike when Bonnie and Clyde flee with the Omastar fossil, causing Fiona to lose her sense of balance, there’s a part of me that kinda wants to see her get arrested for interfering with an officer of the law. But, since a justifiably pissed off Fiona slaps Petra and busts out the D word, Petra slaps her back and shames her for bigotry, and…

Okay, look, homophobic slurs are just as ugly now as they were then, but seriously, Petra was in the wrong here. So when the cop just leaves like a coward, and Aoife states that “After what she did to you, what you did to her isn’t so bad,” yeah, yeah it is. Petra caused a pair of thieves to get away with valuable objects, it kinda confuses the message stated in the Author’s note, “Gays are people too.” Yeah, they are, but people… Gay or straight… Need to be held accountable for their crimes.

They bond over what’s just happened, with Petra remarking that Aoife’s really mature for her age, and will make a great Pokemon master someday, but there’s really no evidence of that. Then, it’s off to Mount Moon!

We move onto chapter 6, where Petra is explaining the geography of Mount Moon, and the fact that it leads to their second destination, Cerulean city! Petra warns her that there are lots of powerful Pokemon in there, and the idea of Clefairy leads Aoife to bring up Lucy… Who Petra thinks must have been cute.

They enter Mount Moon, and after a brief time skip, Aoife is sick of these motherfucking Zubat in this Motherfucking cave. Sorry, I should stick to time period-appropriate references. She wants to catch a Clefairy to make Fawn jealous, causing Petra to once again wonder if Fawn is pretty. They stop to take a Kit Kat break… That’s not a joke, they have Kit Kat bars… When they’re encountered by the baby form of Clefairy, Cleffa! Or, as it’s called in the unupdated version, Clefeather! Yeah, she had to guess it’s name because it hadn’t been released yet, and she wound up guessing wrong. I’ll be honest, though, her version sounds better.  She edited it, but too bad, because I remember the original text! Mwahaha!

Cleffa runs away scared, as Petra spouts some nonsense about the Clefairy family getting depressed if they’re not close to the Moon Stone. She only then notices that Aoife can understand Chu-Chu, when she, Cleffa and a Geodude start to have a conversation, probably about Tamagotchies or something. Aoife is convinced not to catch the Cleffa… Or the Geodude, for some reason… when Team Rocket pops in and tries to steal them.

Clyde calls Scyther, who gets trounced by Aoife’s Spearow… Okay, I understand type advantages, but seriously! Cleffa evolves itself with a Moonstone, a Jigglypuff pops up, and Clefairy uses Reflect and Psywave to blast Team Rocket off again. They all say their goodbyes, and leave Mount moon.

So, what’s my impression of chapters 4-6? Well, there wasn’t a whole lot to comment on. not a whole lot of meat to the story, like the first three chapters had. The battles were quick and non-descriptive, and full of shenanigans, but hey, so were the battles in the show. Even the Author herself calls chapter 6 boring, but honestly, that was probably the most interesting of the three for me.

So yeah, there wasn’t a whole lot to say this time around, but I happen to know that something interesting’s about to happen next time involving Mina and a male Jynx, so stick around… hopefully, for shorter than another nine months!

  1. Aw, thanks for the shoutout!

    Cleffas are such adorable Pokemon. I wouldn’t want my Cleffa to evolve. (Plus I’d want the Moon Stone for myself.)

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