A Message from Sonny Strait

Taken with permission from his Facebook page.


“I did not want to talk about this here but something keeps being said that I wholeheartedly do not agree with and I need to address it.

I have made this clear in the past and I will say it again, I will not judge anyone by who they vote for. There are legitimate reasons Republicans have to elect ANY Republican into office. And the same goes for Democrats. From what I can tell, by talking to people and the last debate, the chief reason for voting Republican seems to be the possibility of overturning Roe V Wade in the supreme court. Whether you agree with this motive or not, it is a legitimate one. On this issue it is impossible for either side to prove the ethical superiority of their view (which is often the case with ethics). They can only offer rhetoric to support their feelings on why they believe they are right. So each person must act in accordance of their own conscience. So if you want to vote Republican solely because you are hoping that this (very) long shot will pay off, I respect you. You have decided with your conscience that this is the reason you are voting.

What’s been bothering me is, since the leak of Trump’s “locker room” talk, I have heard 3 different Christian leaders reach a level of justification I have never heard before. They admit that Trump is evil but use the soundbite “God has often used evil men to do good.” There is a VERY big flaw in this argument.. you are not God. I do believe God can work miracles with anyone he chooses but it is with any one HE chooses. You don’t get to point to an evil human and say “That’s the one, God! Now get to work!”

Now, I would like to add something about the “locker room” talk. Men objectify women. Women objectify men. It’s how we’re wired. I am not going to lie, I have discussed the hotness of women with guys many times in my life. But what Donald is talking about is something different.

I believe I have a unique position to understand him in that I have been in the same situation. Not that I would ever grope anyone without asking, but while I don’t consider myself famous, I play famous people on TV. This allows me to visit, monthly, cities all around the English speaking world. I meet many fans. And, if I wasn’t married it would be very difficult to resist all the GENEROUS offers by screaming fan girls. But, hey, consenting adults, who really cares? However, even if I was single, I would NEVER just grope a girl’s privates without permission.

But I want you to understand, and this is an important point, I believe I could get away with it in most cases. Why? Because whether the girl welcomed my groping or not she would be be in a very awkward position. She would feel like she didn’t have the right to do anything about it simply because of who I am and what the work I do means to her. I know this. Trump obviously know this. But it takes real evil to do it anyway.

I have also been fortunate enough to get to hang out with a lot of famous people I admire. The only thing that keeps me from being a screaming fan girl around them is decades of public speaking that allows you to keep your cool in most situations. But what if the day I did the photo shoot with Leonard Nimoy (one of the highlights of my career), he decided just to reach around and grab my crotch. He just figured I’m the most famous guy in the room let me show the peon voice actor who’s king here. What would I do? I think I’d be too stunned to do much of anything. I think my first response would be to nervously laugh it off, “Haha, hey, watch it there, Spock! It’s not Pon Farr! Haha!” Otherwise I’d just take the hit. I mean, he’s an American Icon! But once I was away and the shock wore off I know I’d be thinking, “Who the fuck does that guy think he is??!!” I’d be livid. But I wouldn’t press charges. I’d be too embarrassed to.

That’s all I wanted to say. I hope, if you didn’t before, you now understand the difference between typical locker room talk and what Trump was saying. If you still think this was just typical locker room banter because you and your buds talk about taking advantage of girls all the time please don’t tell me about it. I will unfriend you as quickly as I can because I find that disgusting.”

  1. Religion and politics never fails to cause rage and make people hit the unfriend button. It’s going to be an interesting four years!

  2. If Trump gets impeached, or otherwise removed from power, we’ll have to deal with President Pence. Calling that concept interesting is like calling Hitler kind of a dick.

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