101 Inconvenient Questions: RWBY Volume 2!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, hasn’t it? The last time I did an Inconvenient Questions post, it was about the classic stop-motion holiday special “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer,” and today, I’m going to hit up the title I teased over a year ago… RWBY, volume 2!

For those of you who’ve never seen an Inconvenient Questions post, it’s a feature I do where I watch something while pausing to write down every single question that I feel inspired to ask. My inquiry into Volume 1 produced more questions than any of the others so far, with a solid 222! I can’t wait to find out if this one is going to compete with it!

Also, because this is RWBY, I’ll try my best to avoid criticizing animation errors like clippings, but I’ll warn you that I’m only human, and some of these errors will most likely be too funny to not comment on. But to make fun of these in general would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Also, a few more notes;  I’ve only ever heard commentary on volume 3, so if any of these questions have been answered by the cast or creators, I have no idea.  Feel free to post any answers you have in the comments, and I’ll be thrilled to read them if you do.  Please don’t leave any comments saying that I nitpick too much, or that I take the things I watch too seriously, or that I should turn my brain off and enjoy things on their own merit…  I enjoy what I do, and I won’t change it for anybody.

In any case, I’m doing these in chronological order, and there’s going to be major spoilers, so you might just wanna follow along with me by watching RWBY volume 2 on Netflix!

And here we go!

1: Why can we hear that ship so clearly from the ground?

2: Why does that girl’s cleavage disappear halfway down?

3: Is their banter supposed to be funny?

4: I’ve tried carrying stacks of books like that before, so how is he keeping them from sliding all over the place?

5: And speaking of books, if cell phones have been reduced to scrolls in this society, why are books even still relevant? Wouldn’t they have invented the scroll-kindle by now?

6: Does that dramatic music mean Third Crusade is supposed to be some kind of big deal story in this world?

7: If this is a book trade, that would make this a used bookstore, right? So, it’s not really a matter of whether he carries it, but whether he currently has it, right?  And on another note, if he had every title they were asking about, would they be there for hours looking for a title he doesn’t have just so they can have an excuse to kill him?

8: So they came all the way out to whack this guy, and they open by criticizing his business slogan? That’s like walking into Bill Gray’s with a better tasting burger and then shooting the place up!

9: Is that notebook a shrine to Adam?

10: Ruby just made a reference to Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King. How is that possible?

11: And now Richard Nixon? Is this story taking place in a dystopian future, or do the people of Remnant just happen to know about American political history?

12: Wait, did she just say it’s been two weeks? Is she referring to season 1 only taking two weeks?

13: Is Neptune a faunus?

14: How did a cafeteria full of people turn into a food fight between just eight of them?

15: In what cafeteria would there be whole chickens and watermelons just sitting out? Is there really a high enough demand for them to keep them from going bad?

16: Not to mention baguettes that are stiff and stale enough to not break when used as swords.

17: Does Ruby have skateboarding experience?

18: Who the hell keeps a whole swordfish on a table in the cafeteria?!

19: That wave of food Ruby just splashed Team Juniper with was also full of broken plates and cups. Shouldn’t they have been impaled by the non-edible debris?

20: Why is Ozpin being so lenient about a food fight that took out some of the foundation and support of the building?

21: Okay, I get the rat/cat thing being a reference to Red Vs. Blue, but does that excuse it from making sense? He didn’t look like either of those things, OR a puma!

22: What does Glinda have against Ironwood?

23: What kind of game utilizes a board, pieces, multi-sided die and yugioh cards? I want a set…

24: Why are her tears running sideways?

25: What has Blake so paranoid, all of a sudden?

26: Who would go all the way to Vail to see a Spruce Willis movie? Cluck Norris could kick his ass anyday.

27: What’s with all the weirdly animated boob jiggling? Eiken looked more realistic.

28: Is Yang referring to the dude she made call her Sir?

29: Is Weiss’s skirt really that easy to get into? I don’t mean her crush on Neptune… I mean her hands, passing right through it like they don’t exist on the same plane!

30: Instead of the lame puma joke, wouldn’t a better Red Vs. Blue reference have been putting Vic in one of these terminals?

31: Why would Penny’s father let her wander through Beacon alone? Why would a robot be able to defy her creators like this?

32: Is Ironwood supposed to be a strawman for Drone warfare supporters?

33: Why does the shopkeeper drive his own supply truck?

34: How is a robot hiccupping?

35: How could anyone go this far without knowing Penny’s a robot? She totally acts like one!

36: If Neptune’s from Haven, does he have a connection to the villains?

37: After the damage Yang did to the bar last time, how does Junior owe her a drink? Or anything?

38: How do they know Roman’s a human? I mean he has no outwardly obvious animal parts, but neither did the bookstore guy. And he’s wearing a hat, so who knows he’s not hiding an antenna under there?

39: Not gonna lie, the first time I saw Neo, I pretty much guessed that would be her name. But just for the sake of asking a question, is she supposed to be the Harley to his Joker?

40: Wait, are you telling me that it took until dark for Weiss to leave the elevator and Ruby to get out of the dumpster? Seriously?

41: Is Son a fan of The Matrix: Reloaded?

42: Okay, I get that the names Ruby’s calling out are supposed to signal which two combatants are teaming up, but how do they have a specific attack coordinated for this specific occasion?

43: Was “Bumblebee” a wink and nod to the audience?

44: how did Torchwik survive the destruction of that mech? Isn’t that like being in a nasty car crash?

45: Where was Neo hiding? And how did they shatter/teleport like that?

46: If the members of CRDL were the first to grab their chess pieces and make it out of the woods, how are they this weak in combat?

47: Does Pyrrha now know that Mercury’s legs are metal?

48: What are they even graded on? I swear, Beacon Academy is just as bad as Death Meister Academy at clarifying what the hell anyone is studying.

49: And how does a catgirl get this little sleep? Even cutting down to 8 hours must leave her exhausted.

50: Not bad, Jean, but try Careless Whisper next time.

51: Holy shit… Having seen volume 3 puts Cinder’s comments about Pyrrha in a completely different context. Also, why do Mercury and Jean have similar tastes in comics?

52: Okay, Blake chasing a laser pointer is funny and all, but how is Yang getting it from all those different angles? How much is she moving around to make that happen?

53: Is Ren gay? I mean, it’s been hinted that there are non-straight characters in the cast, he does wear a lot of pink, and if he is, it would add some pretty funny layers to Jean asking him about girls.

54: How long has the ‘four person teams’ thing been going on?

55: Crow, Raven, Summer Tai-yang… Team Stark?

56: Yang, you’re her friend. She’s not TRYING to stop you.

57: If Weiss is asking Neptune to the dance “Tomorrow,” shouldn’t some time pass before the dance scene? This is basic editing, people.

58: Did Ozpin put any thought into this metaphor?

59: Why is Weiss spazzing out over a flower? If it’s bothering you, pick and and toss it!

60: Why is Penny even at the dance?

61: Where did Jean get that dress on such short notice?

62: I should ask how Team JNPR managed to put together that choreographed dance number, but it’s too wonderful to question.

63: I said I’d lay off on the animation, but why does Cinder have such a weird looking walk across those rooftops?

64: Did Emerald not notice Ruby leaving?

65: Why doesn’t Ruby take off her heels for this fight?

66: Why don’t I see any same-sex couples dancing?

67: Wouldn’t it be funnier if James was Qrow’s first name, instead of Ironwood’s? I mean, Jim Qrow… It would explain how pitifully few dark skinned characters there are… I’ll shut up now.

68: Did Ruby get all the way to her dorm in the span of the teachers’ continued conversation?

69: Jesus Christ, I know I already harked on the weird boob jiggling earlier, but how did Glinda backing up a step cause them to jump like they lost contact with gravity?

70: If Yang was already handing that tube to Ruby, why didn’t she just take it, instead of… Whatever the hell she just did?

71: How did a roll of brown dough just turn into a dog?

72: Did that dog just get mailed to beacon in a package? How the fuck did he fit, how the fuck did he survive, how the fuck did he not need to eat drink of defecate, and how the fuck was anybody high enough to write, proofread, approve and animate something so fucking stupid?

73: Weiss and Blake seem genuinely confused about this too, so my concerns are valid!

74: Was this mailing Zwei thing supposed to be funny? I know people who dropped the series because of this scene.

75: So wait, is THIS why so many people are named after colors? I don’t think that ever needed to be explained.

76: Why did Ruby bring her dog? Let me guess, to justify it’s existence in the story?

77: I mean, does he have a purpose in the story other than proving that the writers were incapable of keeping their otaku-boners in their pants, and they just HAD to make a Cowboy Bebop reference?

78: Who packed the rotisserie chicken?

79: Why is Glinda checking up on Ironwood? How did she even notice he was out?

80: Did none of them pack a change of clothes?

81: Since when did carrying one weapon each count as being ‘armed to the teeth?”

82: Is Ruby saying she wanted Zwei to piss where they were sleeping?

83: How the hell did the ground cave in under one light teenage girl?

84: Did Yang not see Ruby and the soldiers stalking around?

85: That hole looks like a semi could fall through it. how did the weight of one girl cave it in?

86: Did Oobleck just forget about the subway system until this very moment? It seems like an important detail to just overlook.

87: How does Romans cane contain that much rope, as well as the ability to fire bullets? It contains infinite space?

88: How’d they get on the train?

89: Wait, they’re on the roof? Didn’t one of them just attack a guard from inside the train?

90: Why are they expecting the Grimm to follow the train?

91: Bullshit! how did that dog know to do that for a man he’s never met before? And how did Oobleck know he’d survive it?

92: Why did Weiss volunteer to stay behind to fight a guy with a chainsaw? Couldn’t she just freeze it so it would stop working?

93: Wait, it looked like Chainsaw guy was about to cut Weiss’s head off… What happened? Did he just decide to change moves and kick her into the next room instead?

94: Is that Yang’s mother? If so, how did she know where to be?

95: Is Yang’s mom a member of the White Fang? Is she part Faunus?

96: Did Weiss just pull a Groot?

97: What does “That village” mean to Ren?

98: Why didn’t Jean’s sword do any visible damage to that Grimm?

99: How the fuck did Zweii just take out a Grimm?

100: Does spacial logic not exist in this school? A minigun can fit inside of what is, for all intents and purposes, a purse?

101: Why are Cinder’s cronies helping in the battle? Nobody would notice if they didn’t!

  1. Justice said:

    Absolutely first rate and coompr-bottpeed, gentlemen!

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