The Ultimate Anime Trivia Game 2: Part 1

1: According to Greg Ayres, what Tower of Druaga character name can you not say around Chris Patton?
A: Ethana B: Ishtar C: Pazuzu D: Gilgamesh

2: In Bamboo Blade, what is Tamaki’s favorite TV show?
A: Super Senshi B: Blade Bravers C: Municipal Force Daitenzen D: Duelists of Fate

3: It’s briefly revealed in the Love Hina manga that the Hinata House is located in what prefecture?
A: Hinata B: Karanagi C: Kanagawa D: Toujo

4: In what shojo manga is the main character obsessed with finding the perfect human pillow?
A: My Heavenly Hockey Club B: Alice on Deadlines C: Maison Ikkoku D: Happy Mania

5: Which of the following Funimation voice actors did not also work for ADV?
A: Luci Christian B: Cherami Leigh C: Kira Vincent Davis D: Monica Rial

6: In Yuyu Hakusho, what is the name of Kuwabara’s kitten?
A: Miko B: Emi C: Nyonko D: Eikichi

7: What confectionary company made the fruit drops that Setsuko eats in Grave of the Fireflies?
A: Haka B: Hotaru C: Seita D: Sakuma

8: In Gurren Lagann, what was the name of the general who originally commanded the Dai Gunzan?
A: Adiane B: Viral C: Thymilph D: Lordgenome

9: In Gun X Sword, what was the planet “Endless Illusion” originally intended to be?
A: A Prison B: Research Facility C: A gold mine D: A Vacation Spot

10: In Nana, what force does Nana Komatsu attribute her luck to?
A: God B: Buddha C: Kharma D: The Demon Lord

11: Which of the following is not a yaoi manga:
A: AI Love You! B: Loveless C: Junjou Romantica! D: Finder

12: Which of the following anime has an ending theme that consists of two characters playing the air guitar?
A: xXxHoLic B: D Gray Man C: Rumbling Hearts D: Assemble Insert

13: In Mahoromatic, what organization created Mahoro?
A: Slash B: Mantis C: Vesper D: Panther

14: Which of the following anime has not appeared in an AMV Hell clip?
A: Green Green B: Black Blood Brothers C: Please Twins D: A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

15: In Fushigi yugi, Nakago is the last remaining member of what tribe?
A: Shunkaku B: Hin C: Shoryu D: Suzaku

16: In Twelve Kingdoms, the sword that Youko weilds was originally forged from what type of demon?
A: Wind Demon B: Water Demon C: Fire Demon D: Earth Demon

17: In Magical Play, what does Padudu need to collect to become a Magical Girl on Earth?
A: Pure Souls B: Fanboys C: Flower Marks D: Crystal Shards

18: What Elfen Lied character was the subject of a very popular fan-made webcomic chronicling their everyday life?
A: Lucy B: Nana C: Mariko D: Bando

19: In Angel Beats!, what does the band name GirlDeMo stand for?
A: Girls Demonstration B: Girly Death Mood C: Girls Dead Monster D: Girl Depeche Mode
20: What famous pop star was ruthlessly parodied in Nerima Daikon Brothers?
A: Michael Jackson B: Elvis Prestly C: James Brown D: Madonna

21: In the FF7 fanhood, there was once a long-standing rumor that you could bring a popular character back to life by collecting 100 of what otherwise useless item?
A: 1/35 Soldier B: Super Sweeper C: Masamune Replica D: Tissue

22: In the 2nd season of Negima, what mythical creature is Asuna Kagurazaka obsessed with finding?
A: Jackalope B: Chupacabra C: Sasquatch D: Kappa

23: What was the first anime ever to be dubbed in English for an American television release?
A: Astro Boy B: Speed Racer C: Hello Kitty D: Three Tales

24: Which of the following anime is not based on a video game or visual novel?
A: Dragon Half B: Disgaea C: Devil May Cry D: Xenosaga

25: In Welcome to the NHK, Sato believes that the NHK is a conspiracy against him. What is the NHK really?
A: A conspiracy B: A Rock Band C: A Broadcasting Company D: Neighborhood Watch Group

26: In Clannad, what does Fuko hand out to people as invitations to her sister’s wedding?
A: Plush Starfish B: Wooden Starfish C: Origami starfish D: Paper Mache Starfish

27: What classic English language song was featured in the movie Whisper of the Heart?
A: Country Road B: I Will Always Love You C: Piano Man D: Unchained Melody

28: In Steins;Gate, what does Kurisu tell Okarin she wants more than anything?
A: Monogrammed spoon B: Monogrammed Bowl C: Monogrammed knife D: Monogrammed fork

29: Which of the following is not a title from the Chobits Character Song CD?
A: Love of Babble B: I Beg Your Pudding C: A Human Heart D: Groove Master

30: Kannazuki No Miko is the untranslated Japanese title of what anime series?
A: Carnival Phantasm B: Please Save My Earth C: Gaurdian of the Spirit D: Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

31: In Air, when Misuzu says “Gao,” what dinosaur does she say she’s quoting?
A: T Rex B: Brontosaurus C: Triceratops D: Stegosaurus

32: To what anime would I be referring if I said Go Team Sea Slug?!
A: Big Wind-up B: Azumanga Daioh C: Pani Poni Dash D: Girls’ High

33: Sailor Moon was mentioned in the lyrics of what Barenaked Ladies song?
A: One Week B: Pinch Me C: Be My Yoko Ono D: If I Had1000000000 Dollars

34: What is the name of the first School Days OVA episode?
A: Spring Days B: Valentine Days C: Golden Days D: Vacation Days

35: In Midori Days, what is Seiji Sawamura’s nickname?
A: Mad Dog B: Demon Spawn C: Killer D: Casanova

36: The English voice actress who played Chiyo in Spirited Away also starred in what live action horror film?
A: The Grudge B: The Ring C: Saw D: Silence of the Lambs

37: In The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, what is the name of the book that Yuki lends Kyon?
A: Prometheus B: Cronus C: Helios D: Hyperion

38: Summer Wars is almost identical, plot-wise, to what Digimon movie?
A: Digimon Adventure B: Hurricane Evolution C: Our War Game D: Runaway Locomon

39: In Pokemon, what was Ash Ketchum’s original first choice for a starter pokemon?
A: Pikachu B: Squirtle C: Bulbasaur D: Charmander

40: What episode of Cardcaptor Sakura became the first episode of Cardcaptors?
A: Episode 2 B: Episode 4 C: Episode 6 D: Episode 8

41: “If you aren’t remembered, then you never existed” is a quote from what anime?
A: Tacxnolyze B: Ninja Scroll C: Serial Expirements Lain D: Claymore

42: The Movie One Hour Photo features a toy from what classic Anime?
A: Gundam Wing B: Evangelion C: Doraemon D: Initial D

43: A Wall-scroll for Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle showed up in the background of what horror movie remake?
A: The Stepfather B: Nightmare on elm Street C: Mirrors D: Halloween 2

44: In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, what nickname does Kafuka give her suicidal teacher when she meets him?
A: Pink Supervisor B: Mr. Despair C: Mr. Wind Chime D: Prof. Pinata

45: In Rideback, what is the name of the red rideback that Rin drives?
A: Fire B: Le Feu C: Fuoco D: Fuego

46: In Rave Master, what kind of animal is Plue?
A: A Dog B: An Insect C: A fish D: Unknown

47: In Lucky Star, what American horror movie do Konata and Kagami drag Tsukasa with them to go see?
A: Hostel B: Black Christmas C: Saw 3 D: Silent Hill

48: What volume of the Excel Saga manga is the most difficult to find in stores and the most expensive online?
A: Volume 24 B: Volume 8 C: Volume 16 D: Volume 2

49: In the manga version of A Certain Scientific Railgun, what does Shinobu leave hidden around the city?
A: Cameras B: Bombs C: Food D: Cash Cards

50: What anime dub did Crispin Freeman ad-lib the line “This shin-dig is the bomb-diggety?”
A: Saiyuki Reload B: .Hack C: Tenjou Tenge D: Tenchi Universe


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