The Ultimate Pokemon Trivia Game!

1: Which of the following card game sets was not one of the first three to be released in America?
A: Jungle B: Basic C: Rocket D: Fossil

2: According to a popular fan theory, what Pokemon is actually a failed clone of Mew?
A: Clefairy B: Snubbul C: Porygon D: Ditto

3: In the Pokemon manga, what carnivorous plant Pokemon was shown eating a Munchlax and a Chatot?
A: Vileplume B: Victreebell C: Carnivine D: Tangela

4: In the Xanadu gardens, what Pokemon did Ash’s Bulbasaur become smitten over?
A: Gloom B: Bellsprout C: Bellossom D: Gardevoir

5: According to the Black and White series, how many years has Ash aged by this point?
A: Zero B: Five C: Two D: Ten

6: In the series, what does Ash find out about the GS ball?
A: It’s fake B: It’s a Custom Pokeball C: It’s a Masterball D: Absolutely nothing

7: In the Japanese version of Beauty and the Beach, who won the bikini contest?
A: Misty B: Ash’s Mom C: Jessie D: James

8: The old Pokemon Conclave fanfic contained heavy references to what classic PC game?
A: Zoombinis B: Mist C: Ultima D: Dragon’s Layer

9: In the series, what condiment does Pikachu seem to really enjoy?
A: Soy Sauce B: Mustard C: Ketchup D: Barbecue Sauce

10: What Pokemon was originally Ash’s first choice?
A: Squirtle B: Bulbasaur C: Charmander D: Eevee

11: On, what electricity using video game character did Pikachu fight in a Death Battle?
A: Alex Mercer B: Blanka C: Cole McGrath D: Raiden

12: In the Twitch Plays Pokemon Gold stream, what Pokemon did Twitch waste his masterball on?
A: Rattatta B: Caterpie C: Goldeen D: Magikarp

13: What is the last Pokemon to be named in the original Pokerap?
A: Mewtwo B: Zubat C: Aerodactyl D: Arbok

14: Early in the series, what label does Samurai give Ash that quickly gets on his nerves?
A: Novice B: Rookie C: Junior D: Sword-Fodder

15: In what movie does a Weird Al polka version of the Pokerap play during in the end credits?
A: The First Movie B: 2000 C: Pokemon 4-Ever D: Jirachi the Wish-Maker

16: The song The Time Has Come was played as a loving farewell to which of Ash’s Pokemon?
A: Lapras B: Butterfree C: Pikachu D: Squirtle

17: Along with Horsea, what Pokemon does Misty submissively give to her sisters?
A: Psyduck B: Staryu C: Starmie D: Goldeen

18: In what Pokemon soundtrack does Misty sing a non-canon love song for Ash?
A: Pokemon X B: The first Movie C: Totally Pokemon D: 2BA Master

19: Which of the following Pokemon have never appeared as a trophy in the Smash Bros series?
A: Oshawott B: Hitmonchan C: Honedge D: Heracross
20: What Pokemon did Ash win the Bug Catching Contest with, only to give away immediately afterwards?
A: Beedrill B: Pinsir C: Scyther D: Venomoth

21: Aboard the SS Anne, what Pokemon does Ash temporarily trade his Butterfree for?
A: Ratticate B: Sandslash C: Poliwhirl D: Ponyta

22: At over 6000 pounds, what glitch Pokemon is the heaviest Pokemon you can find in any game?
A: M 00 B: H Poke C: Trainer D: Missingno

23: Officially, what type of Pokemon is Missingno?
A: Normal/ghost B: Normal/Water C: Normal Flying D: Normal/Fighting

24: In Twitch Plays Pokemon, what Pokemon eventually took on the nickname of Bird Jesus?
A: ho-oh B: Fearow C: Zap-Dos D: Pidgeot

25: In Electronic Gaming Monthly, what was the name of Hsu and Chan’s Charmander parody?
A: Velocirazor B: Salad Mander C: Gila Mobster D: Charbecue

26: In the “Lost Silver” Creepypasta, what message do the unown in your party spell after Cyndaquil disappears?
A: He Left B: Go Away C: Get Out D: He Died

27: What Pokemon did Koga offer to trade for Misty’s Psyduck?
A: Golbat B: Venomoth C: Arbok D: Parasect

28: What early Pokemon card is easier to get in 1st edition than standard?
A: Machamp B: Hitmonchan C: Rapidash D: Golem

29: What is the name of the stage from Pokemon snap where Mew appears?
A: Dark Cloud B: Celestial Cloud C: Rainbow Cloud D: Heaven Cloud

30: What legendary Bird is featured on the box for Pokemon Cereal, despite not being a cereal piece?
A: Articuno B: Zapdos C: Moltres D: Lugia

31: What was the only fighting type Pokemon to be summonable in the first Smash Brothers Game?
A: Machamp B: Primeape C: Hitmonchan D: Hitmonlee

32: In what early 2000s sitcom was there a dream sequence featuring people in Pokemon costumes?
A: Titus B: The Norm Show C: Home Improvement D: 3rd Rock from the Sun

33: What original evolutionary stone had the least official uses?
A: Fire Stone B: Leaf Stone C: Thunder Stone D: Water stone

34: In Heart Gold and Soul Silver, what is your mother’s specialty dish?
A: Cerulean Fish Filet B: Celadon Veggie Burger C: Vermillion Shocker Fries D: Cinnabar volcano Burger

35: posted a 30 minute video of user submitted death battles between Vegeta and what Pokemon?
A: Mewtwo B: Lucario C: Alakazaam D: Magikarp

36: What was the first Pokemon game to let you play as a female character?
A: Pokemon Yellow B: Pokemon Platinum C: Pokemon Diamond D: Pokemon Crystal

37: Who sang the Pokemon theme song for the first movie?
A: James Taylor B: Robbie Williams C: Billy Crawford D: Jeremy Camp

38: In the Mental Floss videos, what Pokemon appears on the shelf of John Green’s Salon?
A: Pikachu B: Eevee C: Togepi D: Charmander

39: What Youtube duo posted a skit of themselves trying to con an old man out of a rare Charizard card?
A: Smosh B: Key and Peele C: Rhett and Link D: Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig

40: What fossil Pokemon did Charmeleon evolve to fight?
A: Kabutops B: Omastar C: Tyrannitar D: Aerodactyl

41: How many spoons does Alakazaam gain in his mega evolution?
A: Three B: One C: Five D: Two

42: At one point, Brock and James fall in love with a beautiful ghost. How long ago did she die?
A: 100 Years B: 500 Years C: 1000 Years D: 200 Years

43: What is Professor Oak’s first name?
A: Jonathan B: Albert C: Samuel D: Daniel

44: When Kentucky Fried Chicken sold Pokemon plushies, which of these characters did they not carry?
A: Dratini B: Charmeleon C: Zubat D: Vulpix

45: Ash Ketchum had to crossdress in order to enter which Gym Leader’s gym?
A: Misty B: Erika C: Sabrina D: Lt. Surge

46: What was the first season of the show to feature a voice role by Vic Mignona?
A: Black and White B: Johto journeys C: Battle Fronteir D: Chronicles

47: In the English dub of the series, what are spirit wards referred to as?
A: Ghost Wards B: Spirit Protectors C: Soul burners D: Anti-Ghost Stickers

48: In the series, when Pikachu says “Pikapi,” what is he actually saying?
A: Danger B: Idiot C: Ash D: I’m worried.

49: Despite being called Pocket monsters in Japan, why was the name changed to Pokemon in America?
A: Copyright B: Marketing C: Compete with Digimon D: Censor the word monster

50: In Gold and Silver, what Pokemon is having it’s tail cut off for food by Team Rocket?
A: Wobbufett B: Slowpoke C: Psyduck D: Ponyta

51: What Pokemon had to fight a robot version of itself in the American Pokemon Live show?
A: Pikachu B: Meowth C: Charizard D: Mewtwo

52: Hitmontop was inspired by what real life fighting style?
A: Jujitsu B: Luta Livre C: Capoeira D: Kapu Kuialua

53: In the original games, what element had only one attack assigned under it?
A: Dragon B: Ghost C: Bug D: Ice

54: What first generation Pokemon was originally planned to be a legendary?
A: Gengar B: Arcanine C: Gyarados D: Dragonite

55: What character’s English name is actually a palindrone?
A: Smeargle B: Arbok C: Wigglytuff D: Girafarig

56: At one point in the English Dub, what food related fake name does Brock give himself?
A: Tom Ato B: Joe Sloppy C: Matt Zarella D: Caesar Salad

57: In the original games, you could catch Mew for real through a glitch involving what gym?
A: Cerulean city Gym B: Viridian City Gym C: Saffron City Gym D: Cinnabar Island Gym

58: Which of the following Pokemon regions shares a name with a real life area in Japan?
A: Hoenn B: Johto C: Kanto D: Sinnoh

59: Which of Ash’s Pokemon did he not use during the Indigo league tournament?
A: Tauros B: Krabby C: Muk D: Charizard

60: Which of Ash’s Pokemon does Pikachu ride during the great Pokemon race?
A: Pidgeotto B: Bulbasaur C: Squirtle D: Charizard

61: What is the only Shiny Pokemon that Ash has ever owned?
A: Gligar B: Noctowl C: Heracross D: Lapras

62: Which of the following starter Pokemon did Ash NOT evolve to their third level?
A: Snivy B: ChimChar C: Treecko D: Charmander

63: So far, who is the only pure flying type Pokemon?
A: Togetic B: Fan Rotom C: Tornadus D: Braviary

64: Although it appears in the elite 4, what is the only Pokemon type to not get it’s own gym?
A: Fairy B: Dragon C: Steel D: Dark

65: What was the Pokemon type to be most recently added to the roster?
A: Alien B: Mythical C: Demon D: Fairy

66: What is the name of the plant type Eevee evolution?
A: Leafeon B: Roseon C: Fernion D: Chloreon

67: In the original games, what city was home to a fighting type dojo?
A: Celadon B: Saffron C: Vermillion D: Veridian

68: What were the first games to use a profanity filter?
A: Diamond/Pearl B: Ruby/Sapphire C: Black/White D: X/Y

69: What was the first amv hell video to include Pokemon footage?
A: Amv Hell 1 B: AMV Hell 2 C: AMV Hell 3 D: AMV Hell Zero

70: The Bell tower in Heartgold and Soulsilver was originally called what in gold and silver?
A: Tin Tower B: Aluminum Tower C: Sacred Tower D: Flaming Tower

71: Which of the following Pokemon did Tracey not own?
A: Venonat B: Merril C: Scyther D: Ampharos

72: In the first four generations, who is the only gym leader to not appear in the anime?
A: Whitney B: Janine C: Chuck D: Bugsy

73: What is the name of the deceased child who was cloned in a deleted scene from the first movie?
A: Amber B: Roxanne C: Ariel D: Anabel

74: In the Super Effective web comic, what was the first Pokemon that Red captured?
A: Rattatta B: Pidgey C: Zubat D: Caterpie

75: In the Super Effective web comic, what does Green use to get safely through the tall grass?
A: A Repel B: A Flying Type C: Teleportation D: A lawnmower

76: Disney Adventures magazine once ran a comic that was based on what episode of the series?
A: Tower of Terror B: Electric Shock Showdown C: Clefairy and the Moon Stone D: ByeBye Butterfree

77: Jigglypuff’s Japanese name, when translated directly into english, means what popular dessert item?
A: Pudding B: Flan C: Ice Cream D: Birthday Cake

78: The move ‘kinesis’ is exclusive to what evolutionary line?
A: Slowpoke B: Abra C: Ghastly D: Ralts

79: In Super Smash Bros Brawl, what stage of the Subspace Emissary unlocks Lucario?
A: Research Facility B: The Ruins C: Subspace 1 D: Glacial Peak

80: Team Galactic is based on the villains from what other Japanese video game?
A: Pulseman D: Kid Icarus C: Rockman EXE D: Fire Emblem

81: The interior of the Goldenrod Gym is designed to look like what normal type Pokemon?
A: Snubbull D: Miltank C: Clefairy D: Chansey

82: What baby Pokemon can change genders when it evolves?
A: Pichu B: Cleffa C: Elekid D: Azurill

83: Upon release, Pokemon The First Movie broke the record for highest grossing opening weekend of an animated film. What movie broke this record two weeks later?
A: Shrek B: Toy Story 2 C: Tarzan D: The Iron Giant

84: What Britney Spears song was arbitrarily included in the First Movie soundtrack?
A: Soda-pop B: The Beat Goes On C: Sometimes D: You Drive Me Crazy

85: What NSYNC song was arbitrarily included in the First Movie soundtrack?
A: I Want You Back B: Bye Bye Bye C: Here We Go D: Somewhere Someday

86: If a Pokemon existed that had every single type, what is the only type it would be weak against?
A: Dragon B: Normal C: Rock D: Steel

87: In episode 1, Ash had a novelty pencil sharpener in the form of what Pokemon?
A: Diglet B: Poliwag C: Voltorb D: Jigglypuff

88: In the second movie, what was the name of the Pokemon collector?
A: Louis B: Lucas C: Lawrence D: Lampwick

89: In Jirachi the Wishmaker, what dog-like Pokemon did Butler the Magician use as an assistant?
A: Mightyena B: Arcanine C: Houndoom D: Stoutland

90: Which of Ash’s traveling companions was voiced by the same English actress that he was?
A: Misty B: May C: Max D: Dawn

91: In the series, what legendary Pokemon does Todd enlist Ash to help him photograph?
A: Articuno B: Suicune C: Giratina D: Deoxys

92: In School of Hard Knocks, what is the name of the school that Joe and Giselle attend?
A: Viridian elementary B: Indigo Institute C: Pokemon Prep D: PKMN Technical Institute

93: According to Creepypasta, there was a music file in the original red/green games that drove gamers crazy…
In what area?
A: Viridian City B: Saffron City C: Lavender town D: Safari Zone

94: In 1999, Nintendo Power pranked it’s readers by saying which Mario character could be caught in Pokemon Red?
A: Toad B: Yoshi C: Lakitu D: Birdo

95: According to a disproven fan theory, you can find wild starter Pokemon in what secret area?
A: Bill’s Garden B: Safari Zone C: Outer space D: On top of Mount Moon

96: What kind of trainers say they like to wear shorts?
A: Hiker B: Lass C: Youngster D: Schoolboy

97: In the Hsu and Chan comics, what was the name of the naked, flying IRS agent that Chernobyl evolved into?
A: Mr. Jackson B: Mr. Anderson C: Mr. Jefferson D: Mr. Stevenson

98: What is the name of the XY feature that lets you interact with your Pokemon via the touch screen?
A: Amie B: Amigo C: Amicus D: Pokegatchi

99: In the anime, what was Ash’s Charizard’s main fighting-type move?
A: Submission B: High Jump Kick C: Seismic toss D: Body Slam

100: What was the name of the island chain where Ash captured Snorlax?
A: Clementine Islands B: Grapefruit Islands C: Strawberry Islands D: Pomegranate Islands

101: What form of story was the fan-creation “Letters for an Absentee Father?”
A: Comics B: Fanfic C: Flash Video D: Visual Novel

102: What color is a shiny Taurus?
A: Red B: Pink C: Green D: Striped

103: What was the name of the first ever Pokemon OVA?
A: Pikachu’s winter vacation B: Pikachu and Pichu C: Sing Moloeta D: Mewtwo Returns

104: Which of the following now defunct bands didn’t appear at the live American release party for the second movie?
A: Youngstown B: Dreamstreet C: Nobody’s Angel D: S Club 7

105: In what story is Lance at one point an actual villain bent on eradicating human life?
A: Pokemon Chronicles B: Pokemon X and Y C: Pokemon Adventure D: Pokemon Conquest

106: What was the name of the rare wave from the episode Pi-Kahuna?
A: Gigantic Francis B: Humunga Dunga C: Enormous Doris D: Barrel of Peril

107: In the anime, Meowth learned to talk for the sake of obtaining what?
A: Love B: Money C: Revenge D: A Plate of Sushi

108: What was Pokemon’s original name, way back in the planning stages?
A: Compact monsters B: Pocket Monsters C: Capsule monsters D: Digital monsters

109: Which of the following Nintendo consoles have not ever appeared in the player’s bedroom?
A: Super NES B: Gamecube C: Wii D: Virtual Boy

110: What Pokemon was almost included as a playable character in the first Smash Brothers game?
A: Mewtwo B: Poliwhirl C: Ditto D: Meowth

111: What country once printed a dollar coin with Pikachu on it?
A: Niue B: Malaysia C: Boznia D: Solomon Islands

112: In the states, the two flavors of Eggo Pokemon waffles were Blueberry and…
A: Strawberry B: Cinnamon C: Whole Grain D: Chocolate Chip

113: In addition to the bike, what item were players originally going to be given in Gold and Silver?
A: Roller blades B: Skate board C: Surf Board D: Convertible with cheerleaders

114: What is the only official Pokemon game to not be released in Japan?
A: Pokemon Conquest B: Hey You Pikachu C: Pokemon Pinball D: Pokemon Puzzle League

115: Pokemon Conquest was originally planned to be a crossover between Pokemon and what franchise?
A: Final Fantasy B: Fire emblem C: Dynasty Warriors D: Dragon Age

116: In the Honest Trailer for Red and Blue, Jigglypuff was called by what singer’s name?
A: Katy Perry B: Lana Del Rey C: Ariana Grande D: Demi Lovato

117: In Pokemon Channel, what Pokemon is the anchor of News flash?
A: Psyduck B: Fearow C: Mew D: Raichu

118: In a recent Halloween episode of The Simpsons, which character was portrayed as a Pikachu parody?
A: Bart Simpson B: Lisa Simpson C: Maggie Simpson D: Santa’s Little Helper

119: What is the name of the legendary Japanese voice actress who plays the voice of Pikachu?
A: Ikue Ootani B: Aya Hirano C: Megumi Ogata D: Emiri Kato

120: What Pokemon is prominently featured in the VGCats comic “Unbreakable bonds?”
A: Pidgeot B: Pikachu C: Lapras D: Lucario

121: In what games was your mother a former Pokemon Center nurse?
A: Gold and Silver B: Black2/White2 C: X/Y D: FireRed/LeafGreen

122: What was the name of the Dark Type trainer who replaced Agatha in the Elite 4?
A: Karen B: Krista C: Kelly D: Kimberly

123: According to the Pokemon radio drama, Jessie’s mother died while trying to capture what legendary Pokemon?
A: Celebii B: Moltres C: Regigas D: Mew

124: In Black and White, what gym leader helped Bianca stand up to her father?
A: Lenora B: Clay C: Elesa D: Drayden

125: In Pokemon Adventures, what type of Pokemon is Green terrified of?
A: Bug B: Bird C: Ghost D: Electric

126: In the Pikachu’s Rescue mini movie, what Gen2 Pokemon joined the cast to help search for a missing Execute?
A: Donphan B: Snubbull C: Elekid D: Magby

127: In Pikachu’s Rescue mini-movie, what water Pokemon from the background of the Bellossom dance didn’t sing?
A: Kimgler B: Seaking C: Magikarp D: Poliwrath

128: What does the move Bestow give your opponent?
A: Your Damage B: Your status effect C: Your held item D: Your lowest stat

129: What is the name of the female trainer who introduces Pokemon Play It?
A: Rachel B: Julie C: Chelsea D: Sharon

130: In the final mission in Hey You Pikachu, you have to follow Pikachu around, hidden in what?
A: The trees B: Tall grass C: Cardboard Box D: Pokemon Snap Car

131: What is the name of the show you have to watch five times to complete Pokemon Channel?
A: Togepi Darling B: Meowth’s Comedy C: Delibird saves Christmas D: Pichu Bros

132: What was the name of the woman who gave Brock his Vulpix?
A: Suzy B: Carly C: Sally D: Stacey

133: In the Indigo Conference, what diminutive Pokemon decimated Bulbasaur and Pikachu before losing to Muk?
A: Grimer B: Oddish C: Bellsprout D: Magnemite

134: Which of Ash’s lesser used Pokemon did he bring into battle against Drake in the Orange Islands?
A: Kingler B: Snorlax C: Tauros D: Muk

135: In the anime, what gym leader attempted to woo Misty into abandoning the party for him?
A: Lucien B: Rudy C: Brock D: Volkner

136: What legendary Pokemon was originally a virus?
A: Deoxys B: Kyurem C: Arceus D: Giratina

137: What famous magician sued Pokemon over his likeness to Kadabra?
A: Edgar Casey B: Uri Gellar C: David Blaine D: Chris Angel

138: What are the two Pokemon who bookend the Birds and the Beedrills fan song?
A: Nidorino & Nidorina B: Mew and Mewtwo C: Meowth & Eevee D: Chansey & Mr. Mime

139: In X and Y, tipping raises your style, which increases your discounts in what city?
A: Santalune City B: Cyllage City C: Snowbelle City D: Lumiose City

140: Splash attack isn’t a water move because it was originally supposed to be called what?
A: Hop B: Skip C: Flop D: Flail

141: Burger King once released a toy line with all 151 original Pokemon. Pikachu was the only one to do what?
A: Light up B: Spin C: Speak D: Wind Up and Walk

142: What Pokemon appeared in Snap, despite never appearing on American TV?
A: Jynx B: Dragonair C: Seadra D: Porygon

143: What is the only Pokemon game to be played by Two Best Friends of the Machinima channel?
A: Red and Blue B: Stadium C: Snap D: Puzzle League

144: In addition to the Pokeball, what other Pokemon item is usable in Smash Brothers Wii U?
A: Pokeflute B: Masterball C: Pester Balll D: Full Restore

145: What’s the only legendary who can breed without cheating?
A: Giratina B: Meloetta C: Manaphy D: Zygarde

146: What item do you have to trade Dusknoir with to evolve it into Dusklops?
A: Reaper Cloth B: Reaper Eye C: Reaper Dust D: Reaper Scythe

147: In the Youtube animation Starter Squad, what does Charmander use to defeat his first Caterpie?
A: Scratch B: Ember C: Tail Whip D: A Shiv

148: Despite appearing in the South Park game, which of the following Chinpokomon were not named in the episode?
A: RabbiTech B: Donkeytron C: Shoe D: Chu-Chu Nezumi

149: What Pokemon was playable in SSBM, despite hurting itself with nearly all of it’s attacks?
A: Wobbufett B: Pichu C: Togepi D: Mewtwo

150: What Pokemon was mentioned in the forward of the recent book Grace’s Guide?
A: Diggersby B: Miiltank C: Likitung D: Trubbish


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