Studio Gainax Month: Kamina vs. Zetsubou Sensei!

Epic Rap Battles of Anime!

Kamina vs. Zetsubou Sensei!


My name is Nozumo Itoshiki, remember it, punks!
I’m in despair cause your show sucks
I teach the power of negative thinking
Your story only makes sense when I’m drinking
I got a lesson plan for this imbecile
But if my class is too dull, then I’ll drill it through your skull!
I’ll shove my negative foot right up your positive ass
Just like I’ll shove my shaft up your vaGainax
Step up to me, I’m gonna leave you bloody
This is episode 8… See ya later, buddy!

Just who the hell do you think I am?
You’re more phony than a can of Spam!
You dress like you’re proper and prudent,
But you still chase tail with your students!
At least I have a story, you don’t even have a plot
You spent your series teaching little girls to think you’re hot
Well I don’t need to brainwash, ladies love a real man
I reject common sense to gain the upper hand
So believe in the me who’s got the flow…
Come on Simone, let’s get him!
Simone: Right bro!

You call yourself a brother, but you broke the bro code
When you made like Lennon, hooked up with Yoko
Then you died to avoid the confusion
If you blame yourself, that’s no delusion!
I’ll knock you back to Giha like Whack-A-Mole
So you can die alone in a giant hole.

School’s out for you and all your bitches.
And your core drill’s measured in negative inches
Yo, you wanna kill yourself? Go ahead!
But remember these words till the day you’re dead
I’m a hero on a white horse who died in the saddle.
You lost your faith, that’s why you lost this battle!


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