Butlers and Maids Rap Battle Royal!

Sebastian the Black Butler!
Hayate the Combat Butler!

I’m back in black, it’s Sebastian in the hizzie
I’ve always loved cats… Now I’m battling a pussy.
I’m the bodyguard and butler of the Phantomhive turf
I’ve defended it from worse than this twerpy little Smurf.
I’m capable, intelligent, and just a bit perverse
Use your tiny wand, Hermione, let me see your tickle curse!
I heard you like to cross-dress, so I brought you a corset
And if it doesn’t fit, then turn around and let me force it.
I’ll buy you from your parents, you can be my favorite toy
Because my fangirls wet their panties when I touch a little boy!

Yo!  My hair looks blue because my flow’s too cold for you
I’d tell you you could suck it, but I’m too old for you
Pride of Nabeshin, and the Sanzenin family
I fight tigers and robots, you could never be this manly
You’re just a demon babysitter, who’s in line for a slayin’
You want some random references? I’m going Super Saiyan!
Athena taught me how to kill a demon and I need the practice
I’ll burn you with the trash and feed the plants with your ashes
I don’t wanna get your hopes up, not so fast
But I think Little Boy Blue’s about to beat your ass!

Mi… Mi… Mikuru beam!

Mikuru Asahina:
Break it up boys, your lovers’ quarrel’s getting tedius.
Mikuru’s in the house, and it’s about to get serious!
I tried to watch your shows but they made me bored
Had to press fast forward when I started to snore
I skipped to the end just to cut them both short
The only part that I remember was the time warp!
And Ciel wears an eyepatch, but who’s to blame?
I think little Sebby here needs to work on his aim.
Cause if you mess with the Miracle, you’re both gonna die
Then I’ll go back to the future like my name’s McFly!

Walter Dornez:
Has it dawned on you that you to just stay out of our way?
You’re not a real maid, you’re just doing cosplay!
I pulled strings to join this battle, which was looking unfortunate
Now the Stakes have been raised, cause I’m The Ultimate subordinate!’
Undead warrior, cold like an iceberg,
I’m the Whitest Walter since Heisenberg!
I bring the pain, and if you can’t face it
I’ll make you spend the night in Sir Integra’s basement
Even in my human days, I made vampires fear me
As a soldier and a butler, none of you can come near me!

You think you know combat? Battles? War?
I’m a Colombian Assassin, a killer hardcore.
You wanna peek up my dress, so we can have a little fun
With some pretty flower bombs, and a giant shotgun?
I’m a sexy psycho maid, serving up a plate of murder.
They call me Bloodhound, but you all know my name. (Roberta!)
When I’m on a blood trail, you better answer what I ask.
While I’m choking down pills like a pack of Tic Tacs.
You’re all pathetic. You wanna fight? We’ll take it outside.
You’re in my sights, and by the way your shoes are untied.

Who won?

Tell me in the comments!


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