The Ultimate Anime Trivia Quiz part 3!

101: When The Powerpuff girls was adapted into an anime, what was the anime called?
A: Powerpuff Girls X B: Powerpuff girls Ultra C: Powerpuff Girls Z D: The Metro Girls

102: Which of the following is not a yaoi manga:
A: AI Love You! B: My Sexual Harrassment C: Junjou Romantica! D: Gravitation

103: For how many volumes was the English translated Negima manga released in protective shrinkwrap?
A: 15 B: 8 C: 13 D: 2

104: In FLCL, what handheld video game is Mamimi addicted to?
A: Tetris B: Pac-man C: Bomberman D: Firestarter

105: In Eden of the East, on what day do all of the missiles hit Japan?
A: Friday B: Saturday C: Sunday D: Monday

106: In Pumpkin Scissors, what is the name of the baby that Corporal Oland finds?
A: Joseph B: Deiter C: Wilhelm D: Herman

107: In 2010, Jesuotaku of ANN sat down next to a toilet to deliver a scathingly negative video review of what anime?
A: Ladies vs. Butlers B: Ikki Tousen C: Green Green D: Suzuka

108: In Xenosaga: The Animation, what is the password to KOS-MOS’s encrypted data files?
A: Good Morning, KOS-MOS B: Memory is the key C: We shall be as Gods D: Woglinde

109: In Ghost Hunt, Kanayuki Miyama based his killings off of what historical serial killer?
A: Elizabeth Bathory B: Vlad Tepish C: Pedro Lopez D: Jack the Ripper

110: In D. Gray Man, what kind of object is Lero?
A: Samurai Sword B: Umbrella C: Telescope D: Staff

111: In the first episode of Air, what planet does Kano Kurushima claim that she and her dog Potato are from?
A: Lethargy B: Lazy C: Dilly Dally D: Freeload

112: In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, what native language does Fai D’Flourite speak?
A: French B: Italian C: Russian D: Elizabethan English

113: In which of the following Clamp animes did Vic Mignona have a voice role?
A: X B: XXXholic C: Angelic Layer D: RG Veda

114: In Fullmetal Panic, Sousuke gave Kaname two flashbombs that were disguised as a pair of what?
A: Earrings B: Rings C: Bracelets D: Panties

115: In what anime are the villains referred to as Yomas?
A: Grenadier B: Claymore C: Shadow Star Narutaru D: Le Chevalier D’eon

116: In Mahoromatic, what organization ceated Mahoro?
A: Slash B: Mantis C: Vesper D: Panther

117: Which of the following anime has not appeared in an AMV Hell clip?
A: Great Teacher Onizuka B: Black Blood Brothers C: Please Twins D: A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

118: In Battle Angel Alita, what is the name of the city in the sky that the main cast yearn to reach?
A: Zion B: Zero C: Zollum D: Xanadu

119: Which of Miyazaki’s movies was The Cat Returns supposed to be an indirect sequel to?
A: Castle of Cagliostro B: Howl’s Moving Castle C: Pom Poko D: Whispers of the Heart

120: Jada Pinket Smith’s only anime voice role was in the english dub of what movie?
A: They Were Eleven B: Vexille C: Tales from Earthsea D: Princess Mononoke

121: The Magic Knights Rayearth video game was released for what console?
A: NES B: Sega Saturn C: Playstation D: Sega Dreamcast

122: How many volumes are there of the original Akira manga?
A: 14 B: 10 C: 6 D: 2

123: Which of the following manga has not been released in Omnibus format?
A: Gunsmith Cats B: Sgt. Frog C: Video Girl Ai D: Ai Yori Aioshi

124: What instantly recognizable character was adopted by 4Chan as an unnoficial mascot?
A: Jimmy Kudos B: Sasami Jurai C: Yotsuba Koiwai D: Dio Brando

125: Which of the following anime voice actresses was formerly an American Idol contestant?
A: Michelle Ruff B: Emily Neves C: Cynthia Martinez D: Britney Karbowski

126: Which of the following manga was not created by Go Nagai?
A: Panda-Z B: Cutie Honey C: Detroit Metal City D: Kekko Kamen

127: In Kanon, what has Nayuki Minase collected dozens of, despite their uselessness to her?
A: Cats B: Shoes C: Alarm Clocks D: Baking Recipes

128: On night 05 of the Gregory Horror Show, what possession of a former guest’s do you find in your soup?
A: Eyeglasses B: A Skeleton Key C: Gold Tooth D: A Wedding Ring

129: What year did the movie Blood; The Last Vmpire take place in?
A: 1946 B: 1956 C: 1966 D: 1976

130: In Super Gals, Ran Kotobuki comes from a family of what?
A: Fashion Designers B: Super Heroes C: Law Enforcers D: Criminals

131: In Cat Soup, whose soul is Nyatto trying to save when he visits The Land of the Dead?
A: His own B: his Sister’s C: His girlfriend’s D: His grandfather’s

132: In Kiddy Grade, what fake name does Eclair take when posing as a wrestler?
A: Lady Venus B: Femme Fatale C: Foxy Fox D: Beauty Aphrodia

133: In reponse to Shin-Chan’s popularity in Spain, the director intentionally set an episode in what spanish city?
A: Madrid B: Barcelona C: Valencia D: Seville

134: In Devil May Cry, what is Dante’s favorite treat?
A: Strawberry Milkshake B: Strawberry Parfait C: Strawberry Shortcake D: Strawberry Sundae

135: 4Kids Entertainment filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy following a lawsuit concerning what franchise?
A: Shaman King B: Fighting Foodons C: Yugioh D: Magical DoReMi!

136: In Millenium Actress, a fugitive left Chiyoko the key to his suitcase filled with what?
A: Documents B: Photos C: Art Supplies D: Film Reels

137: In Paranoia Agent, what color are Lil Slugger’s skates and bat?
A: Gold B: Black C: Red D: Brown

138: What did Enoki Films originally call the english dub of Revlutionary Girl Utena?
A: Duel of the Roses B: The Rose Bride C: Princess Utena D: Ursula’s Kiss

139: In Beck, what was the name of Ryusuke’s bullet-ridden guitar?
A: Rebecca B: Marilyn C: Lucille D: Audrey

140: In Fushigi yugi, Nakago is the last remaining member of what tribe?
A: Shunkaku B: Hin C: Shoryu D: Suzaku

141: Which of the following anime is not an OVA?
A: Cosplay Complex B: Samurai Gun C: Eiken D: Please Save My Earth

142: What anime was not released in the US by AN Entertainment?
A: Shugo Charat B: Hare+Gu C: Risky Safety D: Miami Guns

143: In Twelve Kingdoms, the sword that Youko weilds was originally forged from what type of demon?
A: Wind Demon B: Water Demon C: Fire Demon D: Earth Demon

144: In Rahxephon, what distinguishes The Mulians from humans?
A: Blue Skin B: Blue Hair C: Blue Blood D: Horns

145: Lupin III was mainly inspired by the work of what French novelist?
A: Maurice Leblanc B: Gustave Flaubert C: Rene Daumal D: Paul Bourget

146: “People die if they are killed” is a famous line from what anime?
A: Mushishi B: Fate/Stay Night C: Dot Hack D: Ragnarock

147: In the English subtitled version of A Channel, what is Tooru’s cat named?
A: Sodapop B: Fizzy C: Pepsi D: Carbonation

148: In The Irresponsible Cpt. Tyler, what dept was Tyler originally assigned to when he joined the UPSF?
A: Disciplinary B: Maintenance C: Pension D: Accounting

149: The movie Interstella 5555: 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem was based on an album by what band?
A: Polyphonic Spree B: Daft Punk C: Eiffel 95 D: Frou Frou

150: In the Idolmaster video games, what is the family name of the twins, Ami and Mami?
A: Fukiyami B: Tsunami C: Takanami D: Futami


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