Let’s Play Cliche Anime Bingo!

Hey guys, It’s Naru here… I was originally going to have some guest work up today so I could take a break after Otaku-tober, but those plans seem to have temporarily fallen through… So instead, I’m going to take this opportunity to show you how to make your very own Cliche Anime Bingo game!

Step 1: Find a standard sheet of paper, some glue, a pair of scissors, a marker, and a piece of flat cardboard that’s bigger than the paper.
Step 2: Glue the paper to the cardboard, and cut it just enough to get an even square. This will be your game board.
Step 3: Draw a five-square-by-five-square grid on that board, ending up with twenty-five even squares.
Step 4: In each square, write a number between one and fifty. That number will correspond to a cliche from the list below.
Step 5: As you’re watching an anime… Preferably one you haven’t seen before… Check off the cliches you notice, and try to get five in a row in any direction! Play solo, or competitively!

The Cliches (Pick only half)

1: Cheek Talking
2: Main character is High School age
3: Childhood friend is hopelessly in love with the protagonist
4: In class, main character sits in the back, by the window
5: Main character is some variety of prodigy/chosen one
6: Librarian has big boobs and glasses
7: Gay characters are cross-dressers
8: Main female character is constantly called flat-chested
9: Female characters compare breast sizes
10: Villain turned good by power of friendship
11: Unnatural hair colors
12: Character obliviuous to someone who loves them
13: Mechs called something other than mechs
14: Little girl who’s obsessed with boobs
15: Gay character hits on just about everybody of their gender
16: Characters hang out on the school roof
17: Nosebleeds!
18: New student is introduced at front of the classroom
19: Magical Girl transformation scene
20: The winner of a harem is obvious from episode 1
21: Androgynous trap character
22: School club needs more members
23: Beach episode
24: One or more of MC’s parents are absent
25: Main Character is terrified of sex and coupling
26: Gratuitous panty shots.
27: Misunderstood/accidental sexual harassment
28: Tsundere character
29: Brother and Sister are revealed to not be related
30: Hot springs episode
31: Characters running in the opening
32: Calling out or explaining attacks before using them
33: Female warrior made feminine by love for weaker male character
34: Pretentious voice-over rambling
35: Tentacles. Just… Tentacles.
36: Protagonist falls for perfect non-human love interest
37: Character causes trouble by withholding important information
38: Quiet character loves to read
39: Running with toast in mouth
40: Sneezing means somebody’s talking about you
41: Male protagonist has a friend who’s obsessed with women
42: Female protagonist is weak with a history of illness
43: Hot girl with large breasts can’t cook
44: Older men take pride in being perverted
45: Color Coded characters
46: Reference to Alice in Wonderland
47: Over-the-top Racial Stereotyping
48: A character is outcast for being half-human
49: Characters have the same haircut they did as children
50: Convenient censorship

Note: While I didn’t come up with all of these cliches myself, I didn’t take any of them from TVTropes. Any similarity is completely coincidental.


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