222 Inconvenient Questions: RWBY! (Part 2)

So, when last I left you, Weiss had just fallen off the bird, and Blondie leapt off of a tree to grab her. Oh, and for those of you just joining me now, this is part 2 of a post I put up last week, so check out part 1 for details on what’s going on here.

On with the show!

112: How did Jean land before Weiss?

113: What was the purpose of that ‘childish’ soundbyte?

114: Why is Weiss suddenly coming around?

115: Doesn’t that scorpion have another claw that he can attack and kill them with?

116: What did this giant ruins used to be?

117: How did Blake just swing between a row of pillars without her rope getting caught?

118: I hate to ask, but is this fight scene supposed to be a rip-off of the Bahamut Sin fight in Advent Children?

119: It is, isn’t it?

120: Who is Nora smiling at up there?

121: How is Yang strong enough to effortlessly hold that bird’s beak open? And from this position, wouldn’t one of her rocket powered punches break the thing’s head in half at the jaw?

122: If that bird can detach and throw it’s feather as weapons, how is the ice holding him by the tail feathers?

123: What’s stopping him from leaving the air, perching, and trying to work it’s feather free with it’s beak?

124: Okay, I can buy Ruby as a leader. But Jean? Seriously? In what way would he make a better leader than Pyra?

125: How many times is Yang going to say she’s proud of Ruby?

126: So, gravity wise, wouldn’t a shattered moon just collapse in on itself?

127: Why are they gonna need more men?

128: How did a whistle knock Weiss over?

129: Is Blake into erotic novels?

130: How did Ruby cut the curtains so cleanly, in one swipe, if she wasn’t able to cut the bird’s throat without a lot of help? And with that arc, wouldn’t she have also cut into the wall and window?

131: How is that room cramped all of a sudden? You put up a few posters, and now the beds are all piled up?

132: Okay, the bunk beds… First of all, it’s a nice idea, but why don’t they just order some legitimate ones? And why doesn’t Weiss assume that’s what they’re talking about? She says it sounds dangerous, but they haven’t said anything about “Making” bunk beds yet… In fact, Ruby’s exact idea was to ditch the beds and REPLACE them with bunk beds. Me, I hear that, and I think ‘okay, how long until the new ones arrive?

133: Where did those tool noises come from, when they didn’t use any?

134: What is that one bed hanging from? How would one get up there?

135: How is there no room for four beds? Move some things aside!

136: Where did Ruby’s book fall from?

137: How did Weiss know it was specifically 8:55? And how did eight entire people not know they were running late?

138: Three kingdoms? What the hell? This better not be building up what I think it’s building up.

139: How are Ruby’s hand movements churning out an actual drawing? And is her pencil upside down?

140: Ruby DOES have ADHD, doesn’t she?

141: Why does he mention that his grandfather smelt of cabbages?

142: How is Yang laughing when Ruby’s showing the drawing to Weiss?

143: How does Ruby have the coordination to do that pencil trick?

144: When does Weiss change clothes?

145: Why does Weiss need her weapon, when there are so many things she can do with her glyphs? Slam that thing into a wall!

146: Is that thing using rollout? What is it, a Donphan?

147: Is that teacher supposed to be a rip-off of Alexander Armstrong, of FMA?

148: How did her mug fall over without spilling any leftover coffee residue onto her bed?

149: How did Weiss make her a new mug so quickly?

150: Are they using a Mr. Coffee to hold up the beds, or something?

151: After watching Ruby screw around and fall asleep in class less than a day ago, why is Weiss so completely won over already? Shouldn’t she at least offer some advice, or a warning, like earlier?

152: What’s wrong? This is literally a school for killing things. What kind of problems could she possibly be answering wrong?

153: How does she have any kind of work that Weiss can judge, when I don’t see any writing utensils on the bed?

154: Are those brown patches papers? Was she writing on them, with nothing under them? If she even had something to write with, how did it not poke right through the paper?

155: And now the obvious question… How was Weiss able to Judge Ruby’s work so quickly?

156: It’s that late, so where’s Weiss going?

157: Why isn’t the moon in pieces in this shot?

158: How does Lin know Nora’s dream better than she does?

159: Okay, bully or no bully, that shield-in-the-doorframe prank was awesome.

160: How is that rocket locker practical? I mean, having it launch right to you when you need it is cool, but you need to be there to set it off!

161: And how did it get outide? Is there a hole in the wall off camera?

162: If you’re using Faunus as a metaphor for racism, then would now be a good time to ask why there aren’t any black characters in this show?

163: Does Blake always wear her bow? Like, always, everywhere?

164: Why does Blake have a set of cat ears AND a set of human ears?

165: Why is the professor singling out the one Faunus he knows about in the room as a bullying victim? I mean, seriously, that’s like facing a classroom with one black person in it and asking everybody “Has anybody here been a victim of racism?”

166: Was Blake’s snide comment aimed at Carden or Jean? It kind of applies to both of them…

167: What is up with the conspiracy theory crap on his blackboard? What exactly does he teach? Battlefield tactics, or Faunus Biology?

168: The subject of this essay is…?

169: Why does Pyra want to train him up there? It’s a small area, and one false step could leave either of them paralyzed.

170: Okay, so, how is Jean lying his way into Beacon any better than the way Ruby got in?

171: Where did the fake transcripts come from?

172: Why is Carden’s hand disappearing into his uniform?

173: If Team RWBY couldn’t make room for their beds, then how do team JNPR do it?

174: Has Jean locked himself out before?

175: If you have to put your team mates first and yourselves second, then why not step down and let Pyra lead?

176: How does Jean have an extendable holo-Ipad, while everyone else writes and reads books? I haven’t seen any computers or laptops in this show… This technology is astoundingly inconsistent.

177: The Forest of Forever Fall? The Forest of Forever Fall? Are you freaking kidding me? It’s a forest that’s perpetually in a state of autumn? So, the trees just grow new leaves to immediately drop them? And there’s only a thin layer of leaves on the ground? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but THIS the stupidest idea this show has had so far!

178: How did Jean… The screw-up… Manage to collect so many bees?

179: Why does Carden care whether or not Jean gets a jar of sap?

180: How are they getting sap out of that tree?

181: Why does the jar Len filled still look empty?

182: How is eating raw sap sanitary?

183: What’s the point of gathering sap in the first place?

184: Why doesn’t that box look sealed?

185: If Rapier wasps love sweets, why are they not already swarming this forest?

186: Why didn’t Carden run from the bear?

187: Why send four people to deliver one message?

188: Why send anyone, when they were warned about the monsters, and they’re supposed to be warriors? There’s power in numbers, idiots!

189: Why is that bear attacking Carden for the sap on his armor, when it’s so easy to extract from trees that you can get an entire jar’s worth just by tapping them with something?

190: Why has Pyra never used her power before?

191: Why DON’T they take any money?

192: Why didn’t Weiss’s dislike for Faunus come into play when Bunnygirl was being harassed?

193: Why does Monkeyboy’s running animation suck so much?

194: Why chase down Monkeyboy to observe him, when there are other competitors coming off the boat?

195: Why can’t she stop him with her glyphs?

196: How does Penny not look the part?

197: When did Weiss draw that?

198: If Blake’s angry, why’s she sashaying away?

199: If there’s no such thing as pure evil, then why do the Creatures of Grimm want to destroy humanity? Are they misunderstood?

200: Why does Weiss say this while looking out the window?

201: Why are the White Fang at war with the Schnee family?

202: Your father was a dick, and that’s the White Fang’s fault?

203: How is the excuse for this war “We were tired of being pushed around?” Was the Schnee family’s quest for dust really pushing the Faunus around? Is this another Avatar situation?

204: Why didn’t the fast Ruby run after and catch up with Blake?

205: How do her ears… so far apart… Fit inside a bow that was nestled on the top of her head?

206: How would cat ears fit INSIDE of a bow in the first place?

207: How did Monkeyboy know she was a Faunus?

208: I know I asked this before, but where did the Faunus come from? Did they evolve like that? Were they created alongside people?

209: The old leader stepped down? If he died, then I could see the White Fang making a 360 degree turn, but if he’s still alive, how is he not opposing any of this?

210: Why were the White Fang attacking companies that use Faunus labor? The rights movement should have eradicated slavery, so aren’t they taking jobs from voluntarily working faunus?

211: How did Penny notice her cat ears?

212: Why are the streets so empty?

213: Why did Yang and Weiss ditch Ruby?

214: Is Monkeyboy in front of Weiss, or behind her?

215: If that’s the White Fang, where are their animal parts?

216: How did that explosion affect Blake, but not Torchwik?

217: So… Monkeyboy is goku, then? Not the anime Goku, but the one from Journey to the West. Are any of these characters based on an original idea?

218: Why does he hesitate to kill Monkeyboy?

219: Is Penny a telekinetic robot?

220: How are all those knives knocking people around without cutting or killing them?

221: If Blake’s been gone an entire weekend, why have her friends only been searching for her for twelve hours?

222: Is this really how you end a season? I mean, i know this show is kind of episodic, but for a season finale, this was actually kind of anticlimactic and insignificant.

And that’s all, folks! Join us next time, for a full fledged review! Of what, you ask? Here’s a hint…

Thanks! And thanks again!


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