My Video Review of Blood C!

Hey guys, and welcome to The Fullmetal Narcissist!  I’m Naru the Narcissist, formerly Narcy, and once again I’ll be doing something a little different with this post.  First, a bit of movie-related news…  I saw Godzilla last week, and I hated it.  The monster stuff was cool, but the human characters were awful and almost completely unnecessary.  Aaron Johnson was the blandest of the bland leads, Elizabeth Olson had no role other than running around reacting to things, and while Brian Cranston was good, his character had almost no significant effect on the story.  Half the characters that wind up in dnager aren’t even characters, as you don’t know them and never see them again…  You’re just supposed to care because they’re either children or soldiers.  And the military handjobs were so blatant that they’d even make Michael Bay blush.

My friends went to see the new XMen movie yesterday, but I refused to join them, due to a problem I have with Wolverine.

Wolverine:  Oh, get over it already.

No, I will not!  That was not your story!  That should have been Shadowcat’s story!  You’ve already been the star of three movies, and they all sucked!

Wolverine:  Eat me, you pretentious douchebag.

Whatever.  Anyway, this week hasn’t been all bad.  Remember my review of blood C?  Well, with help from a couple of much more technically gifted friends, there’s a video version of it out now!

Now, I don’t want to just leave you with a video for today’s post, so I’m going to take a moment to discuss a segment from the updated review that we wound up not filming.  So, let’s talk about food chain subversion.

Every so often, you’ll come across an anime that explores the idea of humans not really being at the top of the food chain.  The best non-vampire example of this is Madoka Magica, where (Spoilers) Kyube eventually reveals that he’s been treating people like cattle, metaphorically fattening them up so he can sacrifice them to the balance of the universe.

My favorite example, however, is from an episode of Yuyu Hakusho, where Yusuke comes across a few demons from the underworld.  They lie about their diet, but he catches them, smelling the taste of human on their breath.  He then forgives them, because while they may eat people, it’s really no different than people eating cows.  He even compares their embarrassment to the fact that he’s tried eating a cheeseburger while being stared at by vegans.  He condemns them for lying, but eating people?  That he’ll forgive.  Yusuke’s such a badass.  I really should review that series at some point.

Now, the same idea is laid on very thick by Blood C, as Saya robs the monsters she kills of the people they want to eat.  Or, well, she tries to, however unsuccessfully.  monsters need to eat, too, and they’re on a strict homo sapien diet.  So why does the message fall so flat in this series, where I’d normally enjoy hearing it?

To explain, we’ll have to revisit the moment in the show that made me the angriest; The classroom slaughter.  The monster from this scene…  It has no name, but based on it’s design, I’m going to call it Aubrey 3…  is very vocal about how it needs to eat human beings to survive.  But here’s the problem with that…  Compared to the amount of teenagers it winds up eating by the time Saya gets her shit together, Aubrey 3 is relatively small.  If I’m going to believe that it really needs to eat all those people at once just to survive, you’ll need to at least explain where it’s putting all of them.  It doesn’t just feed, it gorges, to a point where I honestly have to wonder if it has a Portal gun stuck in it’s throat.

That, combined with the fact that one of the classmates is actually killed by a falling piece of glass while trying to run away, should serve as proof that the entire argument is just a shallow attempt at making the on-screen gore look a little bit less shallow.  It’s complete bullshit.

But hey, you know what?  I’ve already said enough about this terrible show, and I unfortunately plan on saying more about it in the future.  The video’s out, and I’d love to hear what you all think of it…  And also about this blog, since I have your attention anyway.  Let me know your thoughts in a comment!

Next week, I review Squidgirl!


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