My second ever fanfic. Joy.

Yeah, I’ve got nothing on the table this week, so here’s the second part of that fanfic I posted a while back.  I won’t blame you for skipping this one.

Tomoyo sighed, quite tired and annoyed. “Sakura, I respect your powers and all, but could you conceivably be wrong?” “No, it has to be around here somewhere.” Syaoran looked to the roof of a building. “I see him! Up there!” Sakura looked up, and saw an armless
figure with a symbol on his head. He jumped, and just…. Stood there. Sakura cocked her head. “It looks docile….” The figure’s mouth opened. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” A violent sonic sound erupted in the night. sakura covered her ears and fell to her knees. The figure charged. “Element! Wind!” A chain of wind gagged the figure and muffled the sonic scream. Sakura stood up. “Guys, cover your ears. Voice card! Make me copy Screech’s scream!” Sakura started screaming like Screech had, and he couldn’t take it. “Screech card! Return to the shape you were meant to be! Screech!” The card was trapped by a swirl of magic, and was slammed into the silhouette of a card.

Sakura hugged Syaoran and gave him a kiss. “Thanks! Tomoyo, you get all that?” Yes! It was so…” She stood straight up as a magical card entered her body. “Wait. Lemme guess. Kawaii?” Tomoyo’s face turned sour. “No, disgusting. Can you do anything on your own? He shouldn’t have to keep saving your ass.”

“Tomoyo, that was rude! He was looking out for me!” “well I still think you two should have a little more self-respect.” Syaoran gave a death glare to Tomoyo. “You are being very mean. What happenned to you?” Tomoyo frowned. “Are you still here? Go home and work on your wardrobe. Loser.” Syaoran frowned but did so anyway. “No, don’t go… Tomoyo, what possessed you to do that?” “I hate him. He thinks
he’s actually good enough for you.” “Umm, maybe we should go home and get some sleep.” “Cch. Fine.”

Kero clicked on the mouse. “Yeah, baby… I can see that… Ooh, you’re yummy..” Sakura opened the drawer. “Kero I… Hey! We talked about this, you’re not allowed on this kind of site!” “I’m sorry, I cant help it!” “It’s natural to be curious, but you should have come to me! I can do that stuff for you!” “Really?” “Yeah, there’s no reason for you to be drooling all over a cooking web site. I can make pudding right now if you want.” “No thanks. So what did you want?” Sakura explained the problem. Kero scratched his chin. “This is exactly opposite what she’s usually like. That might mean the
opposite card.” “How do I beat it?” “i do not have the faintest.” “Gee, you’re a big help.” “You’re welcome.”

Sakura cornered Tomoyo in the hallway at school the following day. “I know. Opposite card.” Tomoyo smiled. “Good, cardcaptor. Useless information. How do you defeat me?” Sakura looked doubtful. “I dont know.” “I thought not. I’m undefeatable. Please, let me get to class now.” Sakura let her go. How could she beat her? Without harming her best friend? She smiled. “Her name is opposite, and she said she’s unbeatable! That means she can be beaten!” She headed to class, ready to think some more.”

Sakura sat down in Ethics class and smiled as the sensei started a lecture. “Okay. Lesson in logic. You’re a police man… or woman. There’s a criminal, who escapes your every attempt to catch them. What do you do? You do something differant.” Sakura’s eyes lit up. That was it. She smiled.

Sakura knocked on the door of the Daidouji mansion. Mrs. Daidouji opened the door. “Oh, arigato Sakura. Are you here to see my daughter?” “Hai, ma’am.” “Please, come in. She’s been testy all afternoon, maybe some company will cheer her up.” She let Sakura in. “I’ll go up on my own.” She went up the stairs and knocked on Tomoyo’s door. “Hold on.” She opened the door. “Oh it’s you. Come on in I guess.” She let Sakura in. “Figure it out?” “Yes.”

“All near forces of the earth.
Trees and flowers, give your mirth.
Deliver your powers unto the key
Ancient staff reveal yourself to me!

“Ghost card! Make the form within Tomoyo ‘invisible’!” As the opposite of the usual result, The form became visible. “Through!” The card became unable to move through things, and was propelled from
Tomoyo’s body. “Opposite card! Return to the shape you were meant to be!” She grabbed the card. “Thanks Sakura. She was so annoying.” sakura cleared her throat. “So, uh, since I’m already here, you wanna
play video games or sumpin?” “Of course. I owe you.”

Next week, I’m going to be experimenting with a new idea, so look forward to it!


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