The Ultimate Anime Quiz Game: Part 2!

This has actually been a pretty busy week…  I’ve been preparing for a convention that’s going on tomorrow, and to top it off, i’ve had a cold for most of the week.  Well, it’s mostly gone now, and not a moment too soon, because I’m going to be hosting my quiz game twice over the next two days.  Since I didn’t have time to get a new article ready, I’m going to give you another fifty quiz questions to puzzle over.

51:  In Tenjou Tenge, Aya and her sister Maya are members of what group?
A:  Student Council    B:  Juken club        C:  Jenken club        D:  Tenjho club

52:  In Clannad, what is the name of Tomoyo’s baby boar?
A:  No name.         B:  Puhi            C:  Botan        D:  Baby Boar

53:  In School Rumble,  what mythological creature does Karasuma’s rain coat resemble?
A:  Godzilla        B:  Kappa        C:  Basan        D:  Hyosube

54:  What does the original japanese title of Ninja Nonsense directly translate to?
A:  Ninja Nonsense    B:  Ninja girl Shinobu    C:  Ninja Training        D:  2×2 = Shinobu

55:  What is the current name of the third upcoming Evangelion Rebuild film?
A: You can(not) Repent    B:  You can(not) Redo    C:  You can(not) Attone    D:  You are (not) a Hero

56:  What live action japanese movie does Quentin Tarrantino call his favorite ever?
A:  Ju-on        B:  Battle Royale    C:  Oldboy        D:  Ichi the Killer

57:  In Berserk, Guts faces a giant horned demon named Nosferatu Zod.  What other name is Zod known by?
A:  The Invincible    B:  The Immortal        C:  The Tyrant        D:  The Impaler

58:  The opening video for Elfen Lied was inspired by the work of what artist?
A:  Pablo Picasso    B:  Egon Schiele        C:  Gustav Klimt        D:  Max Klinger

59:  In Excel Saga, what are the three principal characters named after?
A:  Computer Programs    B:  Hotels        C:  Obscure artists    D:  World domination cults

60:  In Digimon Adventures, what was the name of Mimi’s digicrest?
A:  Crest of Friendship    B:  Crest of Love        C:  Crest of Sincerity    D:  Crest of Hope

61:  In UFO Princess Valkyrie, what is Princess Chorus obsessed with?
A:  Valkyrie’s love    B:  Video Games        C:  Manga        D:  The Economy

62:  According to Kamina from Gurren Lagann, how does one make the impossible possible?
A:  Altering probqbility    B:  Being stupid        C:  Rejecting common sense  D:  Ignoring the laws of physics

63:  Vampire Knight take place 10000  years after what catastrophic event takes place?
A:  Nuclear Holocaust    B:  Comet collision    C:  New Ice Age        D:  Global Warming

64:  In Freezing, what country does The Untouchable Queen hail from?
A:  Italy            B:  United Kingdom    C:  Japan        D:  United States

65:  In 801 TTS Airbats, what is the name of Sakura Saginomiya’s dog?
A:  Soldier        B:  Patriot        C:  Duke        D:  Warrior

66:  In Angel Beats!, what professional wrestling move does Yui dream of learning?
A:  Chokeslam        B:  German Suplex    C:  Shooting Star Press    D:   Pumphandle Slam

67:  In Soul Eater, the look of the sun and moon was inspired by what 1980’s manga?
A:  Mermaid Forest    B:  Drifting Classroom    C:  Dr. Slump        D:  Saint Seiya

68:  What is the name of the Youmi Kimura  song that plays at the end of Spirited Away?
A:  Through the River    B:  Always With Me    C:  You found me        D:  On the Other Side

69:  In Ouran High School Host Club, what is revealed to be Haruhi’s biggest fear?
A:  Tamaki        B:  Thunder        C:  Being abandoned    D:  Tight spaces

70:  In Trigun, Vash has a 60 billion double dollar bounty on his head for destroying what city?
A:  July            B:  Augustus        C:  Juno        D:  Saverem

71:  In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, what causes all of Abiru Kobushi’s injuries?
A:  Domestic violence    B:  A clumsy  nature    C:  Irritated animals    D:  Constant fighting

72:  In which of the following shows does the main character wear a living fish coat?
A:  Assemble Insert    B:  Magical play               C:  Blue Submarine No. 6    D:  My Bride is a Mermaid

73:  What was the first anime that ADV Films ever dubbed?
A:  Devil Hunter Yohko    B:  Pretear        C:  Steel Angel Kurumi    D:  Those Who Hunt Elves

74:  What was the original name of the Geneon dubbing company?
A:  Pioneer        B:  Dic            C:  Dentsu        D:  Star Child

75:  In Ponyo, what is the title character’s real, given name?
A:  Siegma        B:  Valkyrie        C:  Marina        D:  Brunhilde

76:  The Inuyasha character Kilala closely resembles what mythological creature?
A:  Monogatari    B:  Mica        C:  Nekomata        D:  Maitreya

77:  In Hetalia, when the axis members are making smores, what ingredient do they forget?
A:  The Marshmallow    B:  The chocolate    C:  Graham crackers    D:  The fire

78:  In the manga version of Gantz, what kind of animal is Hoi Hoi?
A:  A Cobra        B:  A dog        C:  A horse        D:  A panda

79:  In Ah! My Goddess, what item is Mara bound to?
A:  Child’s doll        B:  Spatula        C:  CD            D:  Crystal Ball

80:  In A Certain Scientific Railgun, what kind of psychic is Mikoto Misaka?
A:  Telekinetic        B:  Electromaster    C:  Geomaster        D:  Pyromaster

81:  In Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan, what illness befalls an angel when she loses her halo?
A:  Severe vomiting    B:  Severe Pneumonia    C:  Severe amnesia    D:  Severe Diarrhea

82:  Samurai 7 was based on a movie by what famous japanese director??
A:  Akira Kurosawa    B:  Takeshi Kitano    C:  Takashi Miike        D:  Eeichi Kudo

83:  In Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, what is the name of Panty’s gun?
A:  Strapless        B:  Backlace        C:  See-through        D:  Ribbed

84:  In the first Hellsing anime, how old was Integra when she met Alucard?
A:  9 years old        B:  11 years old        C:  13 years old        D:  15 years old

85:  In the anime version of The Little Mermaid, what is the name of the title character?
A:  Himeko        B:  Marina        C:  Cecilia        D:  Andrea

86:  The Eminem parody “The Real Sugarbaby” was sung by the english voice actor of which Sailor Moon character?
A:  Sailor Moon        B:  Luna           C:  Sailor Venus        D:  Sailor Mini Moon

87:  The English dub of Afro Samurai originally aired on what station?
A:  Spike TV        B:  Cartoon Network    C:  HBO            D:  BET

88:  The new 2011 Toyota Corolla is being promoted by what vocaloid character?
A:  Hatsune Miku    B:  Kagamine Rin        C:  Akita Neru        D:  Kaito Shion

89:  Baccano was originally created as what type of series?
A:  Anime Series        B:  Manga Series        C:  Light Novel Series    D:  Video Game Series

90:  In Speed Grapher, what kind of business does Bob run?
A:  A Massage Parlor    B:  A Beauty Salon    C:  An Auto Shop        D:  A Detective Agency

91:  In Fruits Basket, Hatori Sohma…  The dragon of the family… turns into what animal when hugged?
A:  Dragon        B:  Iguana        C:  Sea Horse        D:  Salamander

92:  The lead female in Steamboy was named after a character from what classic novel?
A:  The Scarlet Letter    B:  Gone With the Wind    C:  Pride and Prejudice    D:  The Advent. of Huckleberry Finn

93:  On Anime News Network, what Gundam series has the lowest popularity rating of all other anime?
A:  Victory  Gundam    B:  Gundam AGE        C:  SD Gundam Force    D:  Mobile Suit Gundam

94:  In Bottle Fairy, which color fairy is associated with summer?
A:  Green        B:  Red            C:  Blue            D:  Yellow

95:  In Metropolis, what is the name of the anti-robot vigilante group?
A:  The Marduk Party    B:  The Mandrake Party    C:  The Laughton Party    D:  The Resisty

96:  Which of the following animes is centered around a hikikomori?
A:  Pani Poni Dash    B:  Monster        C:  Human Crossing    D:  Welcome to the NHK

97:  In Kimagure Orange Road, what was Madoka’s nickname at school?
A:  The Pink        B:  The Pick        C:  The Puck        D:  The Punk

98:  In Moribito, what drink causes Saya’s soul to leave her body?
A:  Ambrosia        B:  Flower Wine        C:  Special Medicine    D:  Spirit wine

99:  In Le Portrait De Petit Cossette, what kind of store does Eiri Kurahasi work at?
A:  Art store        B:  Antique store    C:  Video store        D:  Book store

100:  In Nana, what force does Nana attribute her luck to?
A:  God            B:  Buddha        C:  Kharma        D:  The Demon Lord


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