My First Ever Fanfic!

Do you know how much I appreciate you?  No?  well, I do.  Having a small audience is better than having no audience at all, and if you’re a part of my small audience, that means you’re putting some of your valuable time towards reading the pretentious ramblings of a random otaku you’ve never even met…  And I could not possibly appreciate that more.

To show my appreciation to all of you, I’ve decided to offer you something personal this week.  It was the Kids WB dub of Cardcaptor Sakura that evolved me from a Pokemon fan into an anime fan, and it also inspired me to start writing fanfic.  And as you’re about to see, the results were disastrous.  I’ve become a much better writer since then, if I do say so myself, but my first ever fanfic…  Released to the world fifteen long years ago…  should express to you just how bad I was when I started.

And I hope that means as much to you as it does to me.


Cardcaptors 2

Episode 1: A ghost of a chance

<All the cards circled Sakura. She opened her arms and they hovered. She was their commander. They followed orders. But she heard a rustling sound. Tons of cards she’d never seen before circled her and dissolved her cards. Then they cocooned her and dissolved her.>

Sakura woke up and looked around. She’d not had the dreams like that in years. She groaned and realized it was Sunday. She picked up the phone and dialed. “Konnichiwa? Syaoran? Ya wanna do something later?” “Gomen, I can’t. I have a lot of studying to do.” “Kay, bye.” She tried Tomoyo. “Oh Gomen, I have Sunday school! You know I would have loved to.” She then tried Rika, Naoko, Chiharu, and Takashi, but no luck. She looked at the phone. “I must really be desperate.” She called Eriol. “Konnichiwa, Eriol, can I come over? I’ll bring that video game you’ve had your eye on.” “Sure, come right over. I’m gardening, so let yourself in.” She agreed and hung up.

Sakura opened Eriol’s door and looked in. “Konnichiwa?” She went in, and entered his living room. “Where is your nintendo?” She saw it on his desk next to his T.V. But there was something on top of it. A book. She picked it up and read the title. “The Clow?” It unclasped in her hands. She opened it up, and saw cards in it. She picked one up. “The twister?” A huge whirlwind appeared, sucking up all the other cards. “Hoeeeeeeee!” The card tore itself from her hand and the whirlwind ended. The book was empty! “Hoeee….. I’m in trouble.” Eriol stormed in and assessed the situation. “Get out. Now.” “But-” “NOW!” She ran out the door.

Sakura sat on the bench with Syaoran and Tomoyo. Eriol leaned forward. “Those cards were dangerous, Sakura. You let them go.” “Gomen.” “That’s too late now. You need to get the cards back. It’s your responsibility.” “I’m ready.” Eriol shook his head. “No, you’re not. These cards are much more powerful than any you’ve ever seen before.” He got up and left. Sakura looked guilty.

It had been that night that Sakura had sensed the first card. She stood with Tomoyo, Kero, and Syaoran behind a restaurant. Sakura was wearing an outfit that was cool and sexy, but still dorky. Tomoyo was of course filming. “Guys, there’s something around here with us.” Her attention turned as a chill ran through the air, and she felt a presence rush through her. She jumped up into Syaoran’s arms. “G-g-g-g-ghost!” Syaoran looked in pain. “Like zoinks you’re heavy!” He dropped her. Tomoyo chuckled. “Would you do it for a Scooby snack?” Sakura glared at both of them. “Very funny.” She turned back around. Suddenly, as if someone was in a
hurry, the lid fell off of a trash can. “Where is it?” She looked at Syaoran, who was in a headlock. “Sakura, it’s got me!” Kero pointed. “It’s gotta be a card!” Sakura took out the key as the new words came to her.

“All near forces of the earth.
Trees and flowers give your mirth.
Deliver your powers unto the key
Ancient staff reveal yourself to me!

The staff grew in her hands. “Water! Release and dispel!” The card and Syaoran were soaked. Syaoran spit out some water, and was released from the headlock. The card was flying away. Kero was scared. “I can’t see it! Do you even have a plan?” “Just watch.” She took out another card. “Sand! Cling to the water!” A sand storm surrounded the figure, and when it subsided the figure was covered in wet sand. It looked like a man in a black cloak, but without a
face. “Is that….. Shadow?” “No, that’s ghost!” Sakura, hearing what it was from Kero, Took out athird card. “Firey! Release and dispel!” The sand caught on fire. As it burned, for a split second Sakura saw a face in agony. “Ghost, you’ve been through enough! Return to the shape you were meant to be! Ghost!” A whirl of magic trapped Ghost, and slammed it back to it’s card. It floated to Sakura’s hand.

Sakura and Syaoran were in the park, lying on his car’s trunk. “Syaoran, do you think I could really do this? I haven’t trained in years.” He smiled. “Of course, with a little training and you can be on top of this like before.” “But what if I can’t?” Syaoran put his arm on her shoulders. “I believe in you.” They both smiled and looked to the stars.

Author’s notes: I really hope that wasn’t too painful.  Thanks for sticking it out this far, and if nothing else, I hope you got a good laugh out of it.  Next week, there’ll be another review!


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