The Ultimate Anime Quiz Game! (part 1)

So, there are two pieces of backstory I must address.

1:  Last week, I had my 2013 review post written and finalized by Wednsday, and was completely ready to post.  Then, on Thursday, my computer had what I like to call a “Macintosh moment,” and all that work was deleted.  I had to spend all of my free time on Friday to rewrite it from scratch, and while I was able to pull it off, I was completely exhausted afterwards.  so, this week, i’m doing something a little easier.

2:  This year will be my third year hosting my “Ultimate Anime Trivia Game” at my local Tora-con anime convention, so I thought it would be cool to give you a taste of my anime trivia prowess.  So, the following fifty anime questions are from my first ever game, and you can do pretty much whatever you want with them…  You can take the quiz and post your answers, you can challenge your friends, you can host your own quiz game using them as a starting point, you can ignore them…  Whatever.  But if you look up the answers online, I’m going to swallow your soul and make you eat spiderwebs.

1:  In Rozen Maiden, a character named Suiseiseki made a meme out of what common Japanese word?
A:  Kawaii         B:  Baka            C:  Desu        D:  Watashi

2:  What is the name of the character who narrates The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya?
A:  Itsuki Koizumi    B:  Haruhi Suzumiya    C:  Kyon        D:  None of the above

3:  What fast food mascot is referenced in the first episode of Higurashi No Naku Koroni?
A:   Ronald McDonald    B:  Colonel Sanders    C:  The Noid        D:  The Big Boy

4:  Which of the following anime was based on a chinese folk tale called Journey to the West?
A:  Dragonball        B:  Disgaea        C:  Samurai Champloo    D:  Fairy Tail

5:  Which of the following animals never appeared as characters in Princess Tutu?
A:  Llama        B:  Goat        C:  Anteater        D:  Snake

6:  In Death Note, what fake name did Naomi Misora give to Light Yagami?
A:  Shojo Maji        B:  Shojo Maki        C:  Shoko Maji        D:  Shoko Maki

7:  In Love Hina, what prefecture is Hinata House located in?
A:  Hinata        B:  Karanagi        C:   Kanagawa        D:  Toujo

8:  In Battle Athlete’s Victory, what does Akari Kanzaki do when she’s significantly upset?
A:  Excersizes to exhaustion  B:  Stuffs her face    C:  Hides under a cardboard box    D:  Calls home

9:  Which of the following has an english langauge theme song?
A:  Gunslinger Girl    B:  Noir            C:  WORKING!!!        D:  Last Exile

10:  Before his death, SNL legend Phil Hartman provided a voice for the english dub of what Miyazaki movie?
A:  Kiki’s Delivery Service    B:  Nausica in the vally of the wind    C:  Castle in the Sky    D:  Porco Rosso

11:  In Slayers, What food does Lina describe as the most sublimely tasty dish you can possibly partake in?
A:  Griffon Cuisine    B:  Unicorn Cuisine    C:  Serpent Cuisine    D:  Dragon Cuisine

12:  Which magical girl character was born on April 1’st?
A:  Peomy Watanabe    B:  Sakura Kinomoto    C:  Nanoha Takamachi    D:  Ichigo Momomiya

13:  Which of the following anime had a second season that was called La Verite?
A:  Hand Maid May    B:  To Heart        C:  Maria Watches Over Us       D:  Hanaukyo Maid Team

14:  Which of the following Vampire animes is the oldest?
A:  Rosario + Vampire    B:  Vampire Princess Miyu  C:  Vampire Hunter D    D:  Dance in the Vampire Bund

15:  In High School of the Dead, what’s the first weapon Kohta weilds?
A:  Drill             B:  Pistol        C:  Nailgun         D:  Chain Saw

16:  In Perfect Blue, what pop idol group does Mima Kirigoe break away from?
A:  CHAM!        B:  Mimarin        C:  ENOZ!        D:  Me-Mania

17:  How many episodes are in the anime Dragon Half?
A:  13            B:  6            C:  2            D:  None, it’s a movie.

18:  In Barefoot Gen, what did Gen name his baby sister?
A:  Momoka        B:  Tomoko        C:  Kaede        D:  Shikako

19:  In Petshop of Horrors, what US city does Count D operate in?
A:  New York City    B:  Washington DC    C:  Los Angeles         D:  San Diego

20:  What fossil-type pokemon made an appearance during the Orange Islands Pokemon saga?
A:  Kabuto        B:  Kabutops        C:  Omastar        D:  Aerodactyl

21:  In Bleach, Izuru Kira is the lieutenant of what division?
A:  First            B:  Third        C:  Fifth            D:  Seventh

22:  In Strike Witches, France is referred to as
A:  Liberion        B:  Venezia        C:  Gallia        D:  Baltland

23:  Which of the following actresses have never voiced a role of a Miyazaki movie?
A:  Dakota Fanning    B:  Anne Hathaway    C:  Kirsten Dunst        D:  Hayden Panettiere

24:  In what shojo manga is the main character obsessed with finding the perfect human pillow?
A:  My Heavenly Hockey Club  B:  Alice on Deadlines    C:  Maison Ikkoku    D:  Happy Mania

25:  In Loveless, what is the original age difference between Ritsuka and Soubi?
A:  4 years        B:  6 years        C:  8 years        D:  10 years

26:  Which of the following items are not shown in the first Hell Girl opening?
A:  Red marble        B:  Pinwheel        C:  Straw Doll        D:  Goldfish bowl

27:  In Chobits, what is Chi’s original name?
A:  Freya        B:  Elda        C:  Vera            D:  Faris

28:  The author of the manga Fairy Tail was previously known for creating what other shounen manga?
A:  Appleseed        B:  Gin Tama        C:  Rave Master        D:  Zatch Bell

29:  The creators of Cowboy Bebop reunited to create
A:  Desert Punk        B:  Black Cat        C:  Burst Angel        D:  Black Lagoon

30:  For the complete series DVD set of Wolf’s Rain, which disk consists soully of flashback episodes?
A:  Disk 3        B:  Disk 4        C:  Disk 5        D:  Disk 6

31:  What was the pop music group from K-on! eventually named?
A:  K-on!        B:  Fluffy Fluffy  Time    C:  Afterschool Tea    D:  The Light Music Club

32:  Which of the following Funimation voice actors did not also work for ADV?
A:  Luci Christian        B:  Cherami Leigh    C:  Kira Vincent Davis    D:  Monica Rial

33:  In Key the Metal Idol, how many friends does Key  need to make to become human?
A:  300            B:  3000        C:  30000        D:  300000

34:  In Nerima Daikon Brothers, what animal does Ichiro have an inappropriate fixation on?
A:  A panda        B:  A sheep        C:  A tiger        D:  A squid

35:  In One Piece, Sanji enters a cooking contest to try and win the elephant version of what fish?
A:  Great White Shark      B:  Marlin        C:  Blue Fin Tuna    D:  Salmon

36:  In the Azumanga Daioh Supplementary Lessons manga, Tomo disrupts class by cosplaying what animal?
A:  Lion            B:  Giraffe        C:  Elephant        D:  Octopus

37:  In Saiyuki, what type of gun does Sanzo use?
A:  Smith and Wesson    B:  Colt             C:  Revolver        D:  Beretta

38:  What does Eward Elric from FMA keep inside of his pocket watch?
A:  A picture of Winry    B:  A picture of his mother    C:  The date he burned his house  D:  The date his mom died

39:  In “This Ugly Yet Beautiful World,” what does Takeru dream of owning, and eventually build?
A:  A Broadsword    B:  A Motorcycle        C:  A Car        D:  A Computer

40:  In Girls Bravo, what happens to Yukinari when he touches a girl?
A:  Nose bleeds        B:  Panic Attack        C:  Uncontrollable crying    D:  Breaks out in hives

41:  In Spice and Wolf, Lawrence Kraft is thrown into financial turmoil by the unexpected collapse of what market?
A:  Weapons market    B:  Wheat market    C:  Apple market        D:  Pepper market

42:  In Yuyu Hakusho, what does Kurama use to beat Kaito in the taboo game?
A:  Brute Strength    B:  Rose Whip        C:   A speech        D:  A funny face

43:  In the english language  Naruto manga, what is Rock Lee’s “Drunken fist” fighting style called?
A:  Drunken Fist        B:  Potion Punch    C:  Loose Boxing        D:  Monkey Fist

44:  In Initial D, what brand of car does Takumi Fujiwara drive?
A:  Toyota        B:  Nissan        C:  Mazda        D:  Subaru

45:  What classic anime character makes an appearance in Toy Story 3?
A:  Totoro        B:  Hello Kitty        C:  Optimus Prime    D:  Astroboy

46:  Which of the following anime doesn’t have any mecha in it?
A:  Sakura Wars    B:  Destiny of the Shrine Maiden    C:  Orphen          D:  Ghost in the shell SAC

47:  In Code Geass, CC was excited because Ashford Academy was planning to create what unusual food item?
A:  A giant pizza        B:  A giant plate of sushi    C:  A giant riceball    D:  A giant cake

48:  Which Lucky Star character was named after the creator of the series?
A:  Konata        B:  Tsukasa        C:  Kagami        D:  Miyuki

49:  What confectionary company made the fruit drops that Setsuko eats in Grave of the Fireflies?
A:  Haka        B:  Hotaru        C:  Seita        D:  Sakuma

50:  In Paprika, what is Chiba Atsuko’s profession?
A:  Psychologist        B:  Therapist        C:  Medical Doctor    D:  Psychiatrist

And there you go.  But you know, this post is fairly low content…  I guess I should make it up to you somehow…  I know!  My next post will be another review!

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