My Roleplay work as Kino and Hermes

So, over the summer, I participated in the revival of a roleplay guild that was centered around the Kingdom Hearts universe…  It was a mass crossover, so pretty much any fictional characters were allowed in.  I took this as an opportunity to play as two of my favorite characters, Kino and Hermes from Kino’s journey.  For today’s blog post, I’m going to show you the first three posts that I made as these characters, which were incidently the first posts of the reboot to contain any Final Fantasy references.  Enjoy!

Oh, by the way, there’s BBS code ahead.


[color=yellow]<Kino…  Hey, wake up!  There’s something down there!>[/color]

The small figure stirred, as the scratchey voice in her head took her out of her dreams.  She lifted her hat off of her eyes, as the memory of where she’s been napping flooded her mind.  She hadn’t expected such a large, lumbering beast with no fins or tail to ride so smoothly through the ocean.

[color=yellow]<Hey, say something already!  This thing’s creeping me out!>[/color]

Kino stood up out of her cushioned seat, grateful for the complete lack of other passengers, and took a second to get her balance.  Satisfied that she wouldn’t trip and fall over the edge of the Shoopuf’s passenger saddle, she peered over the edge of it, where her motorad Hermes was hanging securely from a harness.  Her companion had personally requested not to be stuffed into a passenger bag, but as a trade-off, he was now positioned only a few feet from the surface of the water.
“What’s got you so excited?  Where is it?”[/color]
<Look down, and a little behind us.>[/color]

Curiously, Kino peered down through the crystal clear water, and after a few moments of searching, she noticed a light blue creature keeping a close distance behind them.  It wass shaped like a fish, but impossibly large in size.

[color=yellow]<It’s been following us for a while.  Maybe it eats Shonufs?>[/color]


[color=yellow]<Right, that’s what I said.>[/color]

Imagining what might happen if the creature did attack them, Kino turned her head, addressing the odd being who’d been piloting the Shoopuf.

[color=green]”Hey, mister,  there’s something…”[/color]

[color=indigo]”It’sh a Bishmahk,”[/color] the Hypello responded, having apparently heard enough of their conversation to comment.  [color=indigo]”It won’t attack ush if we jusht pashing srough.  Onshe we reach land, he turn around and leab ush alone.”[/color]

Kino returned her gaze to the water, and sure enough, as the water became shallower, and the ocean floor finally came into view, the Bismark started slowing down.  It eventually turned away, and in her mind, she could hear Hermes breathe an exaggerated sigh of relief.

A heavy, booming song trumpeted from the raised snout of the Shoopuf.   The Hypello turned his head, addressing Kino and Hermes as individuals, rather than as a vehicle and a rider.  [color=indigo]”Ish ebulibody ready to land?  The Island of No tomorrow abaits us!”[/color]  In front of them, a tropical shore was finally coming into view.

With one more thunderous trumpet from it’s powder-blue snout, the Shoopuf’s massive hooves finally hit sand, rising it’s body out of the tide.  Its coat dripping wet with salt water, it reached a simple looking wooden dock, and came to a stop.

[color=indigo]”We hab reached our deshtination!  Prepare to dishembahk!”[/color]  The Hypello called, as Kino got up on her feet, ready to taste dry land at last.  Picking up her bag, and slinging it over her shoulder where it belonged, she stepped out onto the dock, and climbed it down onto the beach, where the Hypello was already lowering Hermes into the shallow water.

[color=green]”That’s too deep!”[/color]  Kino shouted, as the ropes disconnected, plunging Hermes into the water.  He stood there for a second, his handlebars and seat visible over the surface, before he began to fall sideways.  His screams fell on deaf ears as the Hypello raised the ropes back up, leaving only Kino to run out into the water and rescue him.  She grabbed his handlebars and stood him back up, and then began dragging him out onto the beach, as the Shoopuf retreated back into the water, to return to it’s home port.

[color=green]”Are you all right?”[/color]  Kino asked, pulling out a towel to dry off her Motorad as best she could.

[color=yellow]<No…  What is wrong with that jerk, just dropping me in the warter like that?  I think I hate that stuff more than you do.>[/color]

[color=green]”I don’t hate the water.  I can’t swim.  You, on the other hand, can get rusty.  Now that I think of it, your insides are probably soaked, too.”[/color]  Kino put away the towel, and began checking Hermes’ gas tank and oil tank, looking satisfied with the result.  [color=green]”We’ll have to see if there’s a mechanic here, but our lodgings come first.  I’ll pull you by hand from here.”[/color]

[color=yellow]<You’ll have to anyway…  I’m sitting in an inch of sand right now.>[/color]

Kino let out a chuckle in response to Hermes’ snarkiness, and took hold of his handlebars.  They’d have to get off the beach and onto solid ground, and after that…  A tavern might have the directions they needed, perhaps?

As Kino rested her hand on the door to the local tavern, which didn’t appear to have any sort of name, she suddenly had a second thought about her companion.  [color=green]”You should probably wait out here.”[/color]  She leaned him against the stone wall.

[color=yellow]<Hey, what gives?>[/color]

[color=green]”If I take you in with me, you might just get sand and water all over the floor.”[/color]

[color=yellow]<I hope the person who steals me is as thoughtful a rider as you are,>[/color] Hermes replied dryly.

[color=green]”It’s okay, I’ll try not to take too long,”[/color] Kino replied, as she opened the door and went inside.

She took a look around at the inside of this…  Surprisingly empty tavern.  She saw a young woman at the bar, slurring her words while talking to a slightly older looking man.  He looked strong, and actually kind of intimidating…  As though he’d been through some fierce battles, just as Kino had.  But unlike this man, nobody would believe that pint-sized Kino had once been the victor of a gladiator tournament.

She walked quietly up to the bar, and took a seat in front of a very pretty older woman…  Of Asian descent, just like Kino.  She didn’t know where this woman had obtained such a beautiful Kimono, but Kino found herself almost jealous of it.  [color=green]”Excuse me, but I was wondering if I could get some directions around the island.  I just arrived today, and I’m looking for a decent mechanic, as well as room and board.”[/color]


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