Death Battle part 2: Misaka Mikoto!

Academy City is the massive institution of learning that trains young espers to make the best use of their diverse powers. A student here can rank anywhere from 0 to 5, depending on their level of skill. One of these students, Misaka Mikoto, was able to distinguish herself as a child prodigy at the age of five, when it was discovered that she was already a level 1 electromaster. She was enrolled in the school early, and with her outstanding level of resilience, she continued to show promise. She quickly climbed up the ranks, eagerly pushing and challenging herself all the way to the esteemed title of Level 5 while she was still a child.

At the age of fourteen, now a student at Tokiwadai middle school, she’s proven to everyone who hears of her that they’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. She may have hit the wall as far as levels are concerned, as there’s no known possibility of reaching level six, but that hasn’t deterred her from continuing to push herself forward.

While she may be laid back and approachable, the last thing anyone should ever call her is lazy. Not only has this alleged “ojou-sama” obtained phenomenal power through her perseverance, she’s also become extremely intelligent. Despite her young age, she’s already considered the eighth most academically gifted student in the entire city. This academic aptitude, combined with her clever and witty nature, played no small part in the development of her abilities.

Being an electromaster, Misaka’s basic ability is to control and manipulate electricity. Now, before you start making cracks about her being a Pikachu or Raiden clone, I want you to keep this in mind: She’s perfected uses of this power that neither of those two icons have ever even considered trying.  Even Ginji from Get Backers couldn’t match her imagination.

Yes, she can electrocute her opponents in a variety of ways. Yes, she can call lightning bolts down from the sky in any kind of weather, and they’re powerful enough to cause city-wide blackouts. But that’s just the beginning.

The Lightning attack spear is a beam of light that she can summon directly from her forehead, and she throws it at her enemies just like Zeus would. She can also fly, but only when there’s a surplus amount of water vapor in the air. Even if you don’t think there’s anything metal around you for her to manipulate, she’ll surprise you with an attack method that truly shows off her combat genius… She can manipulate iron particles from the dirt or sand beneath her feet, and use it in a variety of different ways. She can surround the battlefield with it, causing a makeshift sandstorm, or she can use it as a shield. But her favorite way of using these iron particles is to form a sword out of them, which she can stretch into a whip at will. She can even cause the sword to vibrate, turning it into a sort of chainsaw.

She can emit a powerful electromagnetic pulse, which you’ll know is devastating if you know anything about shock-waves, but it’s still not the pinnacle of her arsenal.

She earned the nickname “Railgun,” because that’s the only way you can describe her favorite attack. She can supercharge metal objects, and depending on their weight, she can fire them at over 3 times the speed of sound. She primarily uses arcade coins and fires them with a patented double-flip maneuver, but she’s been shown firing much larger objects as well. She can control the force of the attack, and at it’s worst, the destructive power of this move can be devastating.

For her more tactical moves, I’m going to start with her magnet ability. She can magnetize any metal objects, the possibilities of which are endless. She can even magnetize herself TO metal objects, giving her the ability to walk on walls and ceilings, and stick to walls when jumping. She can also use a stronger magnetic pull to yank her across limited distances in a pinch, but landing a move like this can be a serious issue, so it’s only something she does in a pinch.

The electromagnetic field around her body, created by her AIM dispersion field, can protect Misaka from and kind of telepathic manipulation. She’s also able to sense Electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic phenomena. She’s able to follow electric and magnetic field lines with her naked eyes, and by analyzing the reflections of the electromagnetic wave she generates, she’s able to detect anything happening in her close vicinity, with no actual blind spots to sneak up on her from.

And finally, she can use her electric powers to manipulate any electronic device and bypass any security system, giving her the ultimate in hacker abilities. This doesn’t sound particularly useful in battle, until you realize that with this power, she can destroy entire buildings without even entering them.

Without her powers, she’s pretty much an average teenage girl, although a smart and athletic one. She can use a handful of physical attacks, including a moderately powerful waist-high roundhouse kick, and several wrestling moves. Unfortunately, she really can’t use either one effectively without the element of surprise.

Her durability is also an issue, as her body really has no defense mechanism other than her powers. She can be injured easily, and she’s even been shown cowering at the sight of a raised fist. Despite her impressive stamina, she’s also been known to overestimate herself in the past, sometimes leading her into battles that she doesn’t have enough energy to fully fight.

The combatants are set, but before we get to the action, let’s take a second and go over what’s about to happen. For those of you who are familiar with the Death Battle videos, you’re probably used to seeing the combatants dropped into a scenario and trading blow for blow until the victor is decided. That works for a video, but since this is a written work, I’m going to go for something a little more ambitious. The two characters will be meeting in an actual story, where they have their own mutually exclusive reasons for fighting and killing each other. Any hesitation they may have to take a life will be removed, but their personalities will not.

Next time:  The Battle will commence!


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